Christian Helps
(and helps for the skeptic too)

Below is a collection of articles to help the Christian grow in their faith,
and confidently trust the written word of God for what is truth, how to be saved, and how to live.

The Bible has stood the test of time and attack from all sides, and, just as Jesus promised, it cannot pass away

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my word shall not pass away
" Matthew 24:35.



What Will You Do With Jesus?

The Great Famine of Today!

What is the Gospel?

How to Be Sure Heaven is Your Home

To Be, or Not to Be - A Christian, that is

Tell It Like It Is! - The God's Honest truth about yourself, your future, and all the lies you may be believing!

Le Dire Sans Detours - The Gospel in French

What is Truth?

Is there Really a Hell?

Six Simple facts Your MUST Face

All I Need... - A Poem

What If?

This was Your Life

How to get More Involved in Christianity

What do Born Again Christians Do?

What Changes Occur When Jesus is in Your Life?



The Word of God

Is the Bible THE Word of God?

Absolute proofs the Bible is not man-made!

Supposed Contradictions easily answered

Evidences of Supernatural Inspiration

How We Got Our Bible (background on how the Bible was compiled)

Why Does God Need a Bible?

How to Read Your Bible

Why Read and Believe the Bible?

Bible Facts and Fiction

Which Bible is the Word of God? The King James Version Debate

1 John 5:7 - Is it supposed to be in the Bible?

The Bible Believer’s Handbook , by James Melton  

Bible Contradictions? No Way!!!

101 Bible Contradictions Cleared Up

The Audio Bible Online

See some plain Archaeological proofs backing up the Bible


Summary of World Religions
and How Jesus is STILL the only True God!

Recognising Religious Double-Talk

What to Do When Your Religion Conflicts With the Bible  

What is Truth?

Why You Can Not be a Roman Catholic and Follow Jesus  

Answering Cults

What is a Baptist Church?

Recognising Religious Double-Talk

What to Do When Your Religion Conflicts With the Bible

Why Roman Catholicism is NOT Christianity

Serious Questions for Roman Catholics

Testimony of a Converted Roman Catholic Nun <- YOU GOTTA READ THIS!

Testimony of a Converted Roman Catholic Priest - Richard Bennett

Mary's Command for Catholics

Meet Ex-Roman Catholic priest Bart Brewer

Former Catholics For Christ

Why I am NOT a Charismatic kind of Christian

Charismatic and Pentecostal Goats (you've heard of people being slain in the spirit - well, here are some goats that can do it too!)

The Jehovah's Witness Dilemma

Just for Catholics

Discipleship and Training

Discipleship -   A Twenty One Lesson Study Course on the Absolute Truths of the Bible

A Short Course (5 Lesson Study) on Basic Truths of the Bible

How to Teach Sunday School  

Weekly Bible Studies in Your Area

Bible Institute

Learn the Truths that turn this world “upside down!”  

For the Preacher

Bible Preaching Messages and Outlines

Join SermonsOnline - a weekly mailing of sermons and message ideas for the pastor, preacher, Missionary, or Sunday School Teacher

Bible Studies and Puppet Skits, Plays, and more!

The Christian’s Spiritual Walk and Warfare

Walking With God

The Christian’s First Love  

What is Modest Apparel? What we WEAR, speaks louder than what we DO!

Bible Prophecy

The Importance and Accuracy of Bible Prophecy


Dealing with Alcoholic Drink Main Page

Getting Victory over Alcoholic Drink - an Online Bible Study

Is Wine Healthy?

Statistics and Quotes about Alcoholic Drink


Heaven and Hell Stuff

Where is heaven, and What is it Like?

Is there really a Hell, and what is it like?

Creation vs. Evolution

Biblical Creation Science

Answers in Genesis

Women's Issues

Helps for the Christian Women

A Christian Woman's God-Given Role

RU-486 - the Poison Pill


Men's Issues

Annual Faithful Men's Retreats in Ireland

What's Wrong with Modern Christianity?

Jewish Studies

Proofs of the Existence of Jesus

Jesus is the God-Man

Yeshua - Who Is He?

The Rabbis' Dilemma: A Look at Isaiah 53


Great Christian Biographies

John Bunyan's Trial and Incarceration

A whole host of other people worth reading about

Bible Studies

Over 700 Bible Topics explored and studied in a great format!


Islam and Muslim Issues

Answering the "claims" of Islam


Charismatic Confusion

Tongues and Healing

Wrong Ways to Get to Heaven

By Being Baptized

By Praying a Prayer

By Being Sincere

By Keeping the Ten Commandments

By Doing Your Best

By Loving Your Neighbour


Who Was Saint Patrick?

Halloween - A Covenant with Death and Hell


Abortion in Ireland?

Christmas Stuff

Christian Hymn Music

This section is constantly being updated, so plan on coming back for more good stuff!