Answering Cults

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Do you have problems getting rid of Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, and the like? There is something in the human heart that just naturally repulses from these verified cults, but their tactics aim to wear down the hearer until they gain the upper hand, and "convince" you they are speaking the truth!

There are valid answers to these folks that you can give them from the Bible that will let them know forever that you have your heart and eternity settled forever. These links will help provide you with just those answers.

bullet And Why are there so many "churches?" bulletScriptures for Soul-Winners who deal with modern cults


bulletFor Mormons - the "Church" of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints bulletFor Jehovah's Witnesses bulletFor Seventh Day Adventists bulletChurch of Christ - Campellites bulletThe Masons - The Masonic Lodge bulletThe BIGGEST Cult in the World - Roman Catholicism - PROOF! bulletScientology

There are MANY many other cults in the world besides the ones listed above. You may yourself be actively pursuing the spiritual teachings of any of the following "religions."  Please, if you are, read on!

bulletIslam bullet Buddhism bullet Hinduism bulletYoga, Meditation practices

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