Seven "Simple" Questions for
Bible Believers

Answered by a Bible Believer

This is a booklet put out by a man named Brian, attempting to show that the Bible is full of errors, and is therefore untrustworthy, and that the God of the Bible is both illogical, and a monster. Be sure to check out an attempt to work through some of these issues with Brian via email, only for it to degrade from a debating of the issues into a barrage of statements that he never wanted to allow a response to in the first place.

Each of the booklet's questions will be fully presented as it was written, and easily answered from the Book of books - the Bible!

Question 1 - Salvation ONLY by Jesus?
Question 2 - Problems with Predestination
Question 3 - Problems with Evil
Question 4 - Problems with Hell
Question 5 - Problems with Human Sinful Nature
Question 6 - Problems with Free-Will
Question 7 - Problems with Supposed Contradictions

What Brian, and others hope to do is barrage people with this seeming impressive amount of "problems" that are associated with the Bible, and thereby cause them to turn away from ever looking into the other side of the arguments, and just get back to living by common sense, and not by Biblical principles anymore. Brian capitalizes on people's perceptions, and on opinions, with very little substance in his debating skills. He appeals to the lowest form of logic, and has no room for debate in any of his questions - to the reader, Brian has replaced God with himself, and says he can do a better job.

May the reader weigh both sides of each "problem" and decide the truth based on facts, and not on pressure, or intimidation.

These pages are in response to publications by a little known group called "common sense today", and are intended to enable a Believer, and an honest sceptic to know ALL the facts about the Bible and how it is true and perfect and still, without any error.