Seven "Simple" Questions for
Bible Believers

Answered by a Bible Believer

Question 7 - Problems with Supposed Contradictions

Categories of Supposed Contradictions:

Problems with Names, Ages, Dates and Numbers
Problems with What the Bible Means
Problems with Slight Differences
Problems with Science and Math

Problems with Understanding Doctrines

Problems with God

Problems with Messianic Prophecies

Miscellaneous Other Contradiction Claims

Bible-Rejecter’s Introduction:

What about all the contradictions? Surely if a book were really given by inspiration of a perfect divine being then it would not contradict itself. It is impossible to believe two facts that contradict each other. One of the two “facts” must be false. If there are contradictions in the Bible then it follows that there are falsehoods in the Bible, and if there are falsehoods in the Bible then the Bible is just a book like any other book and what it says is of no more importance than any other book on the shelf. Here are some of the contradictions in the Bible:


Anyone knows that a contradiction could be simply “in the eye of the beholder.” Just because something is apparently contradictory, doesn't mean that it is so. Brian wants people to think that just because HE can't figure something out (or rather WON'T try and find a rational answer for his misunderstanding of two statements), well, then, GOD must be a dope. Every honest detective takes in ALL the evidence available before making a conclusion, and tests his conclusion before making his findings public. Brian just sees a contradiction, and claims a flaw in God. Let's get to his “arguments” and see if some FACTS will help us out in understanding the infinite mind of God as He wrote His perfect word!

By the way: some of the Scriptures are “hard to be understood” (2Peter 3:16). That only means that we may not ever fully understand something that God wrote. But we sure can believe it - it's called FAITH! And the Christian DELIGHTS in just believing!

Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed:
blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.
John 20:29

Therefore, don't expect to find every apparent problem figured out perfectly by the Bible believer. I make no claim for “perfect understanding” - I do make a claim for Jesus being man's only perfect Saviour though! And I pray that folks like Brian repent of their sins, and believe (not fully understand, but BELIEVE) on the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their souls! Jesus declared, “YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN!” (John 3:7)


This "list" of supposed contradictions was compiled by a young man named Brian, and several of his friends who are part of something they call “common sense today”. This, and other groups of sceptics have a deep hatred of religion, and they take it out on God and the Bible. Their efforts would be better served taking on the above review of possible answers to their "contradictions" and actually holding valid discussions of the facts. But instead, they seek mainly to vent their attitudes and disgust for religion of any sort. In no way can Brian, and others like him be taken seriously because they do not entertain the possibility that all their “evidence” against the Bible is just a long line of straw-men. We have taken their list and answered them objectively. Reader, take care to “know the truth” (John 8:32), because it is God's absolute and perfect word as presented in the Bible!