What Do We as Born Again Christians Do?


We Worship. Everyone worships something, but Christians worship the God of heaven and earth, whose name is Jehovah, who became a Man named Jesus, and died on the cross 2,000 years ago. God gave His Son to pay for all our sins so anyone by faith could have eternal life. God gave believers the Bible so we would always be able to worship Him rightly. And He gave us His Holy Spirit to help us worship Him fully. Without Jesus as our only mediator, the Bible as our authority, and the Holy Spirit our helper, all worship of God is vain!

We win people to faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus says the whole world is lost without Him in their lives, and therefore are headed for a devilís hell because of their sinfulness. So He sent His followers ďinto all the worldĒ to preach the great news that they can be saved from hell! We have no better message than ďye must be born againĒ (John 3:7), and we have no greater joy than to help people turn from their sins and firmly trust in the living, saving power of Jesus Christ!

We warn as much as we bless. Church worship is not only about encouragement, but sometimes about a good kick in the pants! When God spoke in the Bible through His prophets, it sometimes was a straight-up, in your face, flat-out rebuke against sins. But it was always because God was trying to save lives from serious danger, and always with the intent to get them back on the narrow way of simply following Him. So we preach strong messages from Godís word just as much as we preach the enjoyable parts.

We work hard raising our families Godís way according to the Bible. God wrote a blue-print for life, and especially for the raising of families, and it is called the Bible. A Christian has discovered Godís words are the best helps any parent or child could ever want for how to thrive even in the twenty first century!

We welcome everyone. Christianity is not about race, or nationality, or even our sinful background. We are all sinners, in need of one Saviour, Jesus! And when a sinner comes to know Jesus Christ personally as their Saviour, God transforms them into His child Ė no matter who they were just 2 seconds before!

We work with people through their problems and show them how to have victory over every sin and heartaches in life. It is NOT through self-realisation, or self-help, but through surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ over their life. It works for the alcoholic, as well as the drug addict, because it is the Gospel!

We experience all the heartaches and trials of life just like everybody else Ė just because someone becomes a follower of Jesus Christ doesnít mean we stop having problems! But it does mean we never go through anything alone anymore, and Jesus can and does change our circumstances as we trust in Him!

We are evangelistic - want to see real churches started all over Ireland. Ireland has a lot of religion for sure, but very little emphasis on a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. We endeavour, by Godís grace to start and help start new Bible believing Baptist Churches all over Ireland in our generation.

The best part of all this is that you are welcome to be a part of all this,
and it all begins when you decide to follow Jesus yourself!