Alphabetical Listing of Sermons Available in the Sermon Vault

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A Father's Joy - The Family bullet

A Mother's Heart - Ruth - Mother's Day bullet

A Simple Christmas bulletA True Portrait of the Crucifixion - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

A Tale of Two Faiths (Luke 2) - Christmas bullet

Adversaries of Revival bullet

Affected by Grace bullet

Appreciation - Christian Growth bullet

Beautiful Feet (Romans 10:11-21) What Feet Tell You About a Christian - Missions bullet

Behold the Man (John 19) - Resurrection bulletBehold Your King - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

Biblical Perspective on Abortion bullet

Brokenness (Matthew 21:23-44) - Christian Growth bullet

Building Safe Homes - The Family bullet

Building Trust in Our Designer - Christian Growth bullet

But Who Are You? bullet

Church as it Ought to Be (Neh 8) - God Has Established the Right Way a Church Meeting Should Be Conducted! bullet

Come Before Winter (2 Tim 4) - The Importance of Christian Fellowship bullet

Complete in Him bullet

Conquering the Unknown by the Known (2Sam 12) - Every Christian can face into uncertainty because of Certainty! bullet

Conscience (1Tim 1:5,19) - What REALLY Separates a Human from all other animals? bullet

Concerns of Our Saviour bullet

Constraining, yet Boundless Love (Genesis 24) - What Happens When Our Love has been Constrained to Abound As It Should? bullet

Courage to keep Waking by Faith bullet

Crucified With Christ bullet

Defining the Church - Part 1 - Church bullet

Defining the Church - Part 2 - Church bullet

Don't Miss the Second Advent! (Luke 21:34) - Christmas, Second Coming bullet

Driver's Education bullet

Driving Our Stakes Deeper bullet Encouraging Ourselves in the Lord bullet

Ephesus - Keeping Our First Love First bullet

Faith Promise Giving - Missions bullet

Father, Forgive Them... - The Crucifixion bulletFather Forgive Them... bulletFather, Into Thine Hands I Commend My Spirit - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

Finding Comfort in Adversity - Christian Growth bullet

Finding Joy (Eccl 2) - Christian Growth - Some Great Truths About the Christianís Joy bullet

Fit for a King (1 Tim 1:17) - The Giving of Gifts Must Include Something for the King of Kings! bullet

Five Miserable People in Church (Revelation 3:14-17) - Christian Growth, Salvation bullet

Five Pearls of Great Price - Five Things Every Person Can Have This Christmas bullet

Free Indeed - Christian Growth bullet

Frustrations of a Religious Man - Salvation bullet

Getting Back a Heart for God - Christian growth bullet

Glory of the Lord bullet

God and I Don't Always Agree - Christian Growth bullet

God's Perfect Timing bullet

God's Design for the Family - The Family bullet

God's Tribute to Marriage - The Family bullet

God's View of Time - Christian Growth bullet

Growing Up God's Way - Christian Growth bullet

He Careth For you - Christian Growth bullet

Hidden Idols - Dealing with Sin bullet

Honouring Your Father - Seasonal bullet

How Far Can You Trust God? - Christian Growth, Salvation bullet

How Not to Frustrate the Grace of God - Christian Growth bullet

How to Fight in the Home and Win (Dealing with Stubbornness and Rebellion) - The Family - Hear this message in RealAudio bullet

How to Glorify the Lord - Christian Growth bulletHow to Have Spiritual Heart-Burn - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

How to Live a Life Pleasing Unto God - Christian Growth bullet

How to Persuade Folks to get Saved (Acts 26) - Soul-Winning bullet

How to Stay Younger as You get Older - Christian Growth bullet

How to Win Your Hometown to Christ - Soul-Winning (Luke 4) bullet

It's By God's Spirit bulletIt is Finished! - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

Jerusalem, Jerusalem! bullet

judgment Seat of Christ bullet

Keys to Living the Christian Life bullet

Laodicea - The Pathetic Church bullet

Love and Forbearance in the Home - The Family bullet

Marks of a True Fisherman - Soul-Winning! bullet

Missing the Mark bullet

Missing the Miracles bulletMy God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? bullet

On a Mission (Acts 8) - Missions, Soul-Winning bullet

Order in the Church - Part 1 - Church bullet

Order in the Church - Part 2 - Church bullet

People Who Scare Me bullet

Perfect Praise bullet

Perfect Rest bullet

Pergamos - No Compromise bullet

Philadelphia - the Church of a Little Strength bulletPondering the Empty Tomb - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

Practical Atheism bullet

Prayer bullet

Putting Our Hand to the Plow bullet

Renewing of Your Mind bullet

Sardis - Reviving a Dead Church bullet

Sharing the Burden - Missions bullet

Signs of the Times bullet

Smyrna - A Faithful Church bullet

Some Things to be Zealous About bullet

So Near (Mark 12) - Why people Don't Get Saved, and Why Christians Don't Grow bulletSound Doctrine bullet

Spectators Need Not Apply bullet

Spiritual Warfare - Part 1 bullet

Spiritual Warfare - Part 2 - Discerning Spiritual Attack bullet

Spiritual Warfare - Part 3 - Our Weapons bullet

Strangers to Ourselves bullet

Terms of Endearment bullet

The Awesomeness of Our God bullet

The Accuser of the Brethren bullet

The Believer's Outlook - Christian Growth bulletThe Betrayal - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

The Better Covenant bulletThe Blessings of Those nail Scarred Hands - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

The Bride of Christ - The Family bullet

The Church Learns to Pray - Prayer bullet

The Darkness of Calvary bullet

The Day After Christmas () - Christmas bullet

The Determination of a Christian - Christian Growth bullet

The Devil's Only Hope - Christian Growth bullet

The Discoveries of Christmas () - Christmas bullet

The Effect of One Star (Mt 2) - Christmas bulletThe Effect of the Cross - Crucifixion and Resurrection bulletThe Final Words - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

The First Christians (Acts 11) - Christian Growth bulletThe Glory of Gethsemane bullet

The Glory of the Lord - Christian Growth bullet

The Greatest Needs of a Mom () - Mother's Day bullet

The Image of God bullet

The Importance of the Church - Church bulletThe Intercession of Christ - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

The Kind of heart We Need - Giving, Missions bullet

The Lord is Still on His Throne (2 Kings 2) - The Faithfulness of God bulletThe Lord's Supper - Part 1 - Crucifixion and Resurrection bulletThe Lord's Supper - Part 2 - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

The Man on the Middle Cross bullet

The Offense of the Cross bulletThe Offence of the Cross of Christ - Crucifixion and Resurrection bulletThe Other Side of Calvary - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

The Path Faith Treads bulletThe Power of the Resurrection - Crucifixion and Resurrection bulletThe Price of the Cross - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

The Purpose of the Holy Spirit bullet The Seven Resurrections in Scripture - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

The Skeptic's Ruin (John 20) - Resurrection Power bullet

The Six Seasons of the Christian's Heart bullet

The Soul of Man bullet

The Spirit Controlled, Soul-Controlled, Body bullet

The Truth About Hell bullet

The Value of Hope - Christian Growth bulletThe Ultimate Victory - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

The Woman that Fears God - Mother's Day bullet

The Work of Missions bullet

The Work of Repentance bullet There is Something About That Cross - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

There is a Supernatural Holy Spirit in the Believer - Christian Growth bullet

Three Kinds of People in the World - Christian Growth bullet

Three Things that Died on the Cross bullet

To Be a Disciple of Christ bulletToday Thou Shalt Be With me in Paradise! bullet

Tools of Change bullet

Understanding God bullet

Understanding Simple Faith bullet

Understanding the Ways of God bullet

Walking by Faith - Christian Growth - see also Courage to Keep Walking by Faith bullet

What Church is Supposed to be Like - Church bullet

What God Does for the Christian - Christian Growth bullet

What God Wants to Do in the Life of the Christian bullet

What Happens When a Christian Sins bullet

What I am Going to Do When I Get to Heaven bullet

What is in Thine Hand? - Christian Growth, Mother's Day bullet

When Jesus Increases bulletWhen They Smote the Shepherd - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

What Bartimaeus Saw in Jesus - Salvation bullet

What CAN'T Go Wrong - Christian Growth bullet What if there is No Resurrection? - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

What Love Will Do bullet

What the Devil Wants bulletWhat to Do With the Cross - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

What We Are, and What We Ought to be - Christian Growth bullet

What We Ourselves Together Can Do - Soul-Winning, Missions bullet

While Passing Through the Land bullet

Why Christians Don't Reach the World (Acts 26:15-18) - Soul-Winning bullet Why the Cross Gets People So Upset - Crucifixion and Resurrection bullet

Why Most Christians Have Trouble bullet

Winning and Losing Crowns bullet

Woman, Behold Thy Son - The Crucifixion, and Mariolatry bulletWoman, Behold Thy Son bullet

Wrong Ways to Win Souls - Part 1 bullet

Wrong Ways to Win Souls - Part 2 bullet