Sound Doctrine

The Importance of Doctrine in the Life of the Believer

Ephesians 4:14


DATE: 2 Oct, 2005 PM

PLACE: BBC Ballincollig

I.         Introduction (Eph 4:14; 2Tim 1:7)


A.      How many want a sound mind?

B.       It does not only come with salvation

C.       But with study of God’s word

D.      So many Christians are tormented by confusion, and, as the Bible calls it, they are tossed about with every wind of doctrine

E.       God never intended for a follower of Jesus Christ to be so confused and tossed about and defeated because of uncertainty (Cf Lk 1:4)

F.       Tonight I want to learn the importance, the value of having, knowing and believing sound Biblical truths that we call doctrines of the faith


II.       Message


A.      What is Bible Doctrine?


1.        Doctrine itself just means, Teaching; true instruction, the presentation of facts and truth

2.        Biblical doctrine is what God teaches as truth and factual

3.        In other words, Doctrine is What is right, and good, and absolute

4.        Doctrine is NOT always easy to understand – it is compared to meat instead of milk (Isa 28:9) – it must be chewed on (studied) to appreciate

5.        GREAT TRUTH: Bible Doctrine is the Rock upon which Jesus said He would build His church (Mt 16:16-18)


a.        Most churches are built upon the rock of men, or feelings and experiences

b.       But Christ’s Church is built upon the FACT of who Jesus is


6.        Much of the Bible is doctrinal – not just devotional (2Tim 3:16; 4:1-3)

7.        We wish the Bible was just one big, long list of encouraging phrases and quotes, but it is not. There is much encouragement, but more correction, and instruction, and we had better stay in love with doctrine (2Tim 4:3,4)


B.       The Importance of Bible Doctrine in the Life of the Believer


1.        Jesus taught things as doctrine (Mt 7:28; 22:33; Mk 1:22; 12:38; Lk 4:32) – they were to be taken literally, and completely as true – not symbolic, and allegorical, and subjectively like you please!

2.        The Apostles taught Bible Doctrine (Acts 2:41,42) – became our Bible!

3.        The teaching of doctrine is part of evangelism (Acts 5:28; 13:12; Titus 1:9) See also Mt 28:19,20… “teaching them to observe (obey) all things whatsoever I have commanded you!”

4.        A preacher’s responsibility is to teach and preach good doctrine (1Tim 4:6; 16; 5:17; 2Tim 3:16) – not entertain you – never has been, until the 20th century, and so we see a world more neurotic, and lost than ever!

5.        Without it most people end up in hell – why?


a.        Because with only suggestions, and guesswork, no one ends up believing any truth

b.       Jesus said, “Ye MUST be born again” and then taught Nicodemas the doctrine of the new birth in John 3


6.        Without doctrine, most Christians are miserable because they are swayed by every wind of doctrine (Eph 4:14)


a.        Fearing losing their salvation

b.       Fearing cursing the Holy Spirit

c.        Fearing the devil

d.       Worrying about the end times

e.        DOCTRINE, RIGHT DOCTRINE fixes all of that!


7.        With doctrine, we can stand against the wiles of the devil (conniving, scheming of the devil), and stay standing – no fears, no doubts, no defeats

8.        Remember this - Bible Doctrine can repel satanic attack (Mk 1:27)!


C.       Bad Doctrine - We are warned to make sure that what we believe came from God (Jn 7:16,17) and not from man, or from tradition, or from our own selves


1.        Different religions teach different doctrines – not just how they may worship (style), but what they actually TEACH (substance; Mt 16:12)

2.        Religion is all about substituting the truth with other doctrines (Mt 15:9) that promote their religion and replace God in the end


a.        Buddhist – gets rid of God

b.       Satan in the garden, convinced Eve that she didn’t need God

c.        All religions, and all different churches are here because people won’t submit to sound doctrine as found in the Scriptures (Gal 4:30, etc)


3.        You will only tell what is good, wholesome, and sound doctrine if you study your Bible, memorize your Bible, learn your Bible, and obey your Bible – otherwise, you will constantly shift with the pressures of the wind!


D.      What are Some Biblical Doctrines?


1.        The Doctrine of Christ (2Jn 1:9) – who He is, what He did, His two comings, His nature, His sinlessness

2.        The Doctrine of Sin and Salvation (Rom 6:17,18)


a.        Has to be well understood

b.       ALL are sinners, separated from God by that sin

c.        NO ONE can earn heaven – must be given to people by faith

d.       Without Jesus, every person is going to a devil’s hell


3.        The Doctrine of the Anti-christ (2Thes 2:1-12; Zech 11:17)


a.        The second most important person to study and learn about in your Bible after Jesus Christ

b.       The arrival of the anti-christ is preceded by Christians falling away

c.        Then the man of sin appears in the world – like Jesus just appeared at the river Jordan to be baptized by John

d.       He is the son of perdition (hell) – not a Saviour at all

e.        He hates God and anything that is religious – wants ALL the worship and ALL the attention

f.         Will sit down as GOD in the flesh (just like Jesus) on a throne in the Jewish rebuilt temple

g.       Mystery of iniquity – sin

h.       That WICKED shall then be fully revealed!

i.         He will have power to do signs and deceivable wonders

j.         God will damn people who follow the antichrist instead of His Son


4.        The Doctrines of devils (1Tim 4:1-5)


a.        Hypocrisy

b.       No conscience – burned out

c.        Forbidding to marry – thought to be more spiritual

d.       Commanding to abstain from eating certain meats


5.        The Doctrine of Submission and Humility (1Tim 6:1-5) – real practical here. Here is the doctrine that all Christians are to not riot, and fight, and rebel, but to protect the integrity of not only God’s name and reputation, but also of the DOCTRINE of God!


a.        Serve folks

b.       Quit envying and murmuring and complaining

c.        If anyone teaches prosperity and promotes SELF and possessions and materialism, mark him as PROUD… KNOWING NOTHING! Amen


6.        There are many more doctrines, but that is sufficient


III.     Conclusion


A.      Do you want a sound mind? Believe sound doctrine – tested truths that you can live and die by

B.       Study out and learn sound doctrine – right doctrine from God’s word


Craig Ledbetter