Spiritual Warfare – Part 2

Discerning Spiritual Attacks

Daniel 10:2-13,19
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DATE: 1 Jan, 2005  PM

PLACE: BBC Ballincollig



I.         Review - Daniel’s Secrets to Battling the Enemy (Daniel 10:2-13,19)


A.      Introduction


1.        Satan and his devils are very powerful - no doubt(Eph 6:12)


a.        Satan was Lucifer at first (Isaiah 14:12; Cf 2Pet 1:19; Rev 22:16)

b.       He became proud and rebellious

c.        Was kicked out of heaven

d.       Retained at a source of temptation for mankind

e.        The angels that fell are in chains in darkness right now (Jude 1:6)

f.         Demons are created copies of Satan, made by Satan – called devils


2.        The unsaved are completely at his beckon call - like puppets (2Tim 2:24-26)

3.        Christians have a measure of protection (Luke 22:31,32)

4.        But the Christian must have ways to defeat our enemy when he attacks

5.        Daniel shows us that there are some ways of dealing with spiritual attacks


B.       Physical Battles are reflections of Spiritual Battles


1.        Right relationship with God makes for right relationships with people (Pr 16:7)

2.        Sin in your life affects your health (Ps 32:1-5)

3.        Sin in your life can affect people around you (Josh 7:1-12)

4.        Your relationship with others can affect your relationship with God (1Pet 3:7; Pr 17:5)

5.        God uses physical experiences to teach us about spiritual events (Jn 3:9-12)


II.       Lesson - Daniel’s Secrets to Battling the Enemy (Daniel 10:2-13,19)


A.      How Spiritual Battles Affect Us - Spiritual Oppression


1.        Spiritual attacks affect everyone - no one is immune to its ‘wake’ or spillage into the physical world (Matt 16:23; Luke 9:55)

2.        Thankfully, no spiritual attack can affect your destiny. NOTHING can change your course - so don’t be deceived!


a.        If unsaved, the battle is only to keep you from getting saved

b.       If saved, then the battle is intended by Satan to do three things:


1)       Ruin your trip to heaven – keep you miserable like Israel was in the wilderness

2)       Make you so you bring no one with you

3)       Make you stronger

4)       Make you stand for the Lord by your own determination


3.        What Satan Affects When He Attacks


a.        Spiritual attacks affects our Attitude toward God - Our Heart!


1)       Brings on Depression

2)       Gets us to think about Quitting

3)       Brings up Anger and Bitterness about people and the past

4)       Makes us numb to the voice of the Holy Spirit


a)       We want a warrior for a God

b)       Yet many times, the Lord lets us go THROUGH the fire and floods and trials

c)       And the Holy Spirit seeks to change us through WORDS, not WORKS (the still small voice)


b.       Spiritual Attacks affect our Ability to Live (Job 3:20-22; 1Kg 19:1-4; Jonah 4:1-3, 8) – Our Resolve

c.        Spiritual Attacks affect your ability to Think (1Cor 14:33; 2Cor 10:4,5) – Our Mind - clouds your minds.

d.       Spiritual attacks affects others (Josh 7:20-26; Heb 12:14,15) – Our World


4.        Christians don’t HAVE to let this happen (Romans 6:14; 5:20; 2Cor 12:9)! We need to amass some stronger weapons against this attacks – props/walls that can hold us and our families up against this barrages. Talk about that more next week


III.     Conclusion



Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church