Crucifixion and Resurrection Sermons

Bible Messages by Pastor Craig Ledbetter - Bible Baptist Church, Blarney and Mallow, Ireland

Behold the Man
John 19:5
Man on the Middle Cross
Mark 15
The Glory of Gethsemane
Father Forgive Them... Woman, Behold Thy Son Today Thou Shalt Be With me in Paradise!
My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? Father, Into Thine Hands I Commend My Spirit It is Finished!
The Final Words The Lord's Supper - Part 1 The Lord's Supper - Part 2
Behold Your King The Price of the Cross A True Portrait of the Crucifixion
When They Smote the Shepherd The Darkness of Calvary The Effect of the Cross
There is Something About That Cross Pondering the Empty Tomb The Other Side of Calvary
The Power of the Resurrection What if there is No Resurrection? The Ultimate Victory
The Offence of the Cross of Christ The Three Things That Died on the Cross Crucified With Christ
The Seven Resurrections in Scripture How to Have Spiritual Heart-Burn What to Do With the Cross
The Intercession of Christ The Betrayal Enjoying the Resurrection
Why the Cross Gets People So Upset The Blessings of Those nail Scarred Hands  

Scriptural Answers to Alledged Contradictions in the Resurrection Accounts of the Gospels