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These are songs written and produced by and in association with the Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland.
They are free to download. You can purchase high quality CD's by contacting us at the links below!

We just produced our NEWEST music CD of Men's Camp songs! These songs have been professionaly mixed for a full, and robust sound... these songs will take you back to each Men's Camp, and will encourage you with all the helpful truths we all learned from God's Men of Faith! ORDER INFORMATION:
CDs cost just 5 each with the funds going towards our Building Fund.

Just email us here with your name and address, letting us know how many CDs you would like.
Track Listing:
1.  Faithful Men
2.  Peter Walked on the Water
3.  Adam Song
4.  Blessed Be the Name
5.  Hallelujah Jesus Saves
6.  Abraham Song
7.  Jonathan Song
8.  Samson Song
9.  God's Wonderful Book Divine
10. Joshua Song
11. Just One More Soul
12. Moses Song
13. Jacob Song
14. Amazing Grace on the Bagpipes
In October 2009, we got the opportunity to record our very first CD "True Greatness" with the help of some folks from Old Time Baptist Church, Hamburg NY. The Lord blessed and the teens had a great time recording the CD! We recorded our camp songs and also a few other favourites that we love to sing as a church. ORDER INFORMATION:
CDs cost 5 each with the funds going towards our Building Fund.

Just email us here with your name and address, letting us know how many CDs you would like.
Track Listing
1. Character Makes the Man
2. David Was a Lowly Shepherd
3. Blessed Be the Name of the Lord
4. God's Wisdom
5. In Christ Alone
6. Dare to Be a David
7. The Value of One
8. One of These Days
9. True Greatness
10. This Blessed Old Book
11. I'll Fly Away
with Words
Music Sheet MP3 High Quality
Dare to be a David - Youth Camp 2009 Yes   Yes Yes
David was a Lowly Shepherd - Youth Camp 2009 Yes     Yes
True Greatness
A song about Mordecai and Esther - Youth Camp 2008
Yes Yes Yes Yes
God's Wisdom
The Solomon Song - Youth Camp 2007
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Character Makes the Man
The Joseph Song - Youth Camp 2006
Yes Yes Yes Yes
This Blessed Old Book     Yes  
The Moses Song - Men's Camp 2013 Yes Yes  
The Abraham Song - Men's Camp 2012 Yes Yes  
The Samson Song - Youth Camp 2011   Yes Yes  
The Jonathan Song - Men's Retreat 2011 Yes Yes
The Jacob Song - Youth Camp 2010 Yes   Yes Yes
The Adam Song - Men's Retreat 2010 Yes Yes
The Joshua Song - Men's Retreat 2009 Yes   Yes  
Peter Walked on the Water - a Song by Daniel Pero Yes Yes
Faithful Men     Yes  
  The Daniel Song - Men's Camp 2022 Yes   Yes  
  The Hezekiah Song - Men's Camp 2018 Yes   Yes  
  The Lot Song - Men's Camp 2014 Yes    Yes  
  God, Take Egypt Out of Me - Youth Camp 2005 Yes   Yes  
  Do They Know What They're Missing? - Christmas 2009 Yes   Yes  
  But He Did Come - a Christmas 2009 Yes   Yes  
  Born to Die - a Christmas 2008 Yes Yes Yes  
  When the Lord Calls a Man - Men's Retreat 2006 Yes   Yes  
I Love the Old Bible Yes

There are more songs that will be added, so check back again soon!

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