Peter’s Song
(MP3 Audio)

6/8 Andante


First verse

        Em                                C                

At a time in my life when I should have known peace

           Bm                                       C                D

In my work and my home and my search to increase

              Em                            C

I found every thing empty, I found it a loss

          Am                                        C                 D

Until Jesus came preaching of life on the Cross!


                 G                                      C      

When the Lord calls a man, and He gives him a clue

           D                          C                          D
of the life to be lived by faith through and through…

              G                                         C
He first breaks and removes all the dross, and in time

       D                                     C                   G
He changes each part of his heart and his mind.

Second Verse


This Jesus, He's something much more than He seemed

His words pierced much deeper than I ever dreamed

They called me to look beyond struggles with self

To a life that was changed - from me to Himself

(No Chorus after this verse - go straight to next verse)


Third Verse


But that Life that He spoke of, was not His one goal

It was others, oh others in darkness untold

Jesus needed a man who would learn how to die

Not just to his sin, but the bondage of pride


Fourth Verse

Oh Satan, he grips with a powerful hold
And seeks to defeat us with failures untold
But in spite of it all, we can finally begin
to strengthen with grace and to help the breth-ren!