Victory Youth Camp Song

True Greatness!
Song for Victory Youth Camp 2008

Final Rough Draft - By Craig Ledbetter, and John Mahony
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         C                                         F                                 G
True greatness, itís greater, thereís more than meets the eye
             C                    Am                F                      G
With a strength, and beauty, that money cannot buy!
                     F                        G                Dm                     G
The worldís glamour and its riches, can never quite compete,
                Am     G     C                          F               G           C
With the power of a pure heart, and a grace that canít be beat!

Verse One
C                     G                   F                             C
Mordecai and Esther, Two cousins we should know
         C                                 G            F                       G
They lived in a land called Persia, a long long time ago
     F                         G                    Dm                          G
It wasnít a great situation, it was hard as a matter of fact
          F          G       Am                                 F               G                C
Godís people were away from God, so God sought to bring them back!

Verse Two
A powerful man named Ahasuerus, was king of all the land
He had a drunken party, and things got out of hand
He lost his queen, and honour, and looked for a lady fair
But when the king met Esther, no other girl compared!

Verse Three
The Jews had many enemies, but Haman was the worst.
Even though he didnít know it, olí Haman, he was cursed -
He was a tool of Satan, who only wants us dead!
But as it was with Haman, Godís enemies suffer instead!

Verse Four
So when the dust had settled, and Mordecai had won
The story had not ended, it had only just begun
Queen Esther found true greatness, itís why we all exist
Godís looking for great servants, for such a time as THIS!