The Solomon Song
Victory Youth Camp 2007
, 2014 Theme Song

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Words: Craig Ledbetter
Music: Craig Ledbetter and John Mahony
2007 Craig Ledbetter and John Mahony
Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland

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(intro)  D  E   A

First Verse
         A                D                   A                         D
Young Solomon, he had a time, he thought his life was tough
        A                       F#m                  A             D     
Even though he was the son of a king, it never was enough
     D                  A                   D                       A
His daddy tried to do his best, to help him become a man
           D                   F#m                Bm                 E          E7
But the wisdom that he needed comes, only from God's hand!

         A                  F#m           D            Bm         E
God's wisdom... it's different... it made the world we see;

      Bm              A                             D                    E
To most it's only foolishness, but to-the-saved, it is the key!
       F#m                   A                                    D                   E
This world is filled with guys "so-wise", but they're dumber than a rock!

     D                    A                        D      E       A    
So to this world I'll be a fool, and with Jesus I will walk.

Second Verse
At the tender age, of eighteen years, Solomon knelt to pray
He blessed the Lord of heaven and earth, and asked some-thing that day
For help to be a good king, a servant on the throne.
So God greatly blessed him that day, the wisest ever known!
To Chorus

Third Verse 
But Solomon, he couldn't hold back, he couldn't keep from sin
He had to have so many wives, he had to have every-thing
But with each choice he fell away, fell further from the Lord
Till what was left was vanity--the wisdom of this world!
To Chorus 


Fourth Verse
At the end of his life, old Solomon, he finally came around
He finally saw, that God's wisdom, is more than just profound
It's walking with God, obeying Him, asking Him what to do
And in the end, deciding that, God's way is tried and true!

To Chorus



     D                    A                                                  D       E       A    
So to this world I'll be a fool, and with
(slowly ascending) Je-sus I will walk.