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The Joseph Song
(c) Copyright 2006 Craig Ledbetter and John Mahony (Ireland)

The Dreamer

           A                                              Bm                 E
Young Joseph had a lot of dreams and had his plans galore

       A                                                     D                   E
He was his Daddy’s favourite son shown by the coat he wore

       F#m                          A                           D                      E 
But there was something God was building in this young man’s life

           D                     A           E                  A
But it couldn’t be perfected until the time was right



D                             A                       E                    A
‘Cause character is some-thing that may be out of style

       D                           A                       E                    
But something deep inside of us, needs work in every trial

    D                A                 E7                 F#m
Integrity and honesty both come at quite a price

             D                A                   E                            A
But the benefits are worth it all, if it makes us more like Christ


The Disasters

Down in a pit young Joseph thought, things couldn’t get much worse
But as a slave and far from home, his life just seemed a curse
Yet Joseph trusted that his God, was working all things right
He’d slowly make a man of him, who’d stand through every fight

The Temptation

Ol’ Potiphar’s wife, she knew too well, how to bring this young man down
She’d lure, and tempt, and pressurize, till Joseph dropped his crown
“How can I do this thing”, he said, “and sin against my God”
Over sin he had the victory as out the door he trod!

The Reward - Joseph becoming prince over all of Egypt

Then came the day when Joseph, once young was now a man
He stood before the Pharaoh, and was prince o’er all the land
He earned this place of honour, and took it now with style
For God had kept His promise, to bless us through each trial