The Abraham Song

© 2012 Bible Baptist Church Music

Written by Craig Ledbetter, John Mahony and Dan Pero

Music by Craig Ledbetter, John Mahony and Dan Pero

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Capo 3
Verse 1
     Em                  Bm       C      D     G
By faith a man named Abraham left all he had behind
   C           D     G         Em          Am                  B
He walked with God, obeyed His call, for a Land, of Promise to find
     C        D       G           Em        Am                  B
But along his way, he found faith hard-- to trust, with never a doubt
   Em                       D                    B                       Em
So by Godís grace, he would try again..., and discover what faith is all about

Verse 2
    Em                         Bm       C       D             G
The land of Canaan was not the end, for God had promised much more!
  C            D        G        Em          Am                  B
A child would come, and not just one, but as many, as sand on a shore
   C         D            G        Em          Am                     B
It seemed so simple, and easy to believe, even though the promise was great
    Em                      D                   B                       Em
Yet twenty five years would pass him by..., and Oh! he found it hard to wait

Verse 3
   Em                          Bm          C    D           G
As time went on and faith grew thin, Sarah trus-ted her own way
       C         D       G       Em         Am                  B
So without Godís help, a son was born, such-sin, has a price to pay
           C             D             G        Em          Am                B
When their faith finally rested in the power of God, and no longer, in just anyone
      Em                          D                           B                    Em   D
Sarah judged Him faithful who had given His word..., and they held, their promised son.

     G             D         C              D               G
Real faith, strong faith, is trusting every promise God has made
  C              D           G            Em       Am                       B
Expecting God to do, what he says he will do, even when the answer seems de-layed
        G             D            C              D              G
Without faith, strong faith, weíll never know the joy that Abram found
   C              D                Bm          Em           C           D            G  C  G  B7

So take a step by faith, keep your eyes on the Lord..., one day..., our faith, will be crowned!

Last Verse
        Em                              Bm       C         D      G
Through-out his life Abram learned that faith is more than just belief!
     C      D               G        Em            Am                     B
Itís ful-ly trusting in the power of God, for with God, the barren can conceive
   C           D             G      Em         Am                B
So upon Mount Moriah, at his fi-nal test, Abra-ham, obeyed Godís plan
    Em                        D                B                            Em
And free-ly gave his promised son..., trusting God would Himself become the Lamb!


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