The Joshua Song

Copyright © 2009

Words and Music
Craig Ledbetter, Daniel Pero, John Mahony, Dan Eberly

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Joshua, a faithful man – was training to be a leader
but he did not know, just what God had planned;
So he memorized the Word of God, and trusted in God’s Lamb
That’s what it took to free those slaves as they headed for the Promised Land

      “This Book of the Law shall not depart out of thy mouth,
      but thou shalt meditate therein, day and night.”
      God is looking for some leaders, who will strive to pass each test
      So He can make their way to prosper, and give them great success!

Joshua, a faithful man - he lived to help the leader
But he did not know, how low, serving, goes...
He took and obeyed his orders, and he followed each command!
That's what it takes to be used of God, and be yielded to His hand.
To Chorus

Joshua, a faithful man - he had to face the pressure
But he did not know, how testing builds a man
The call of God is to view the world, beyond the giants we see
And, shut our mouths, go up at once, and see the victory!
To Chorus

Joshua, a faithful man - he had to face the challenge
But he did not know, that faith would be so hard
The river, and the giants, would be easily swept aside...
But the hardest fight, is staying right, and closer to God's side.
To Chorus

God can make your way to prosper, and give, you, great, success!