The Moses Song


Written by Craig Ledbetter

©2013 Bible Baptist Church Music

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G                                     C          G                                                D7
Moses was born in a time of trouble, a day of bondage and sin
      G                                                           D                                       D7

For Godís great plan to deliver a nation, oíer Pharaoh the victory to win
              Em                   D              C                    G              Em               D              C

But before that great victory, a battle would rage, oíer who, would be in control
              G                                      C              G               D                    D7             G

So for eighty long years, God waited on Moses, to yield in both body and soul!

Verse 2
Alone in the desert, and far from the Lord, Moses thought, he was safe from his shame
While angry and bitter at all of Godís ways, a burning-bush called out his name
The Almighty, I Am, Jehovah, the Lord, still wanted, to use, this man
To bring Godís people, each one, out of Egypt, and into their Promised Land

Verse 3
At eighty years old, Moses faces olí Pharaoh, with naught in his hand but a rod
A nation was born, as it was delivered, by one man, trusting in God!
Now, guided by pillar of cloud and by fire, this nation, would follow Godís man
But Moses was guided by something unseen, fai-thfully led by Godís hand.

Verse 4
At Kadesh-barnea the people rebelled, to go back, to the life they once knew
Their constant complaining, drove Moses to God, to help him with what he should do
The choices he made at the bush and the Red Sea, they helped, to see his course through
A leader canít lead without faith in his God - as with Moses it must be with you!

Verse 5 (step up)
    A                                             D                   A                                                 E7
In evíry manís life, thereís a battle thatís raging, oíer who, will be in control
                    A                                        D                        A                   E                         E7
Whether ďselfĒ or the Saviour, the choice must be made, for a life, to finally be whole
      F#m                  E                D                 A                     F#m             E             D

Itís availed evíry day, as we humble ourselves, under Godís great un-seen hand
                    A                                             D                  A                        E                E7        A
Letís then face all our Pharaohís with confidence growing, as we serve, the great I AM!