Soul-Winning Blitz 2002

Second Wave 

May 29 - June 7, 2002

These are photos of the people from Central Baptist Church, Memphis, Tennessee, who came over to do soul-winning evangelism and Holiday Bible Clubs with us for the week!

Day 1 - Arrival

Day 2 - Working on Church Building Projects

Day 3 - Mallow and Teen Activity

Day 4 - Blarney Invitations, Preparing for Sunday - No pictures were taken - sorry!

Day 5 - Church Anniversary

Day 6 Touristy Things - Travel to Killarney and Climb Mountain

Day 7-9 - Bible Clubs in Ballincollig

Day 10 - Headed Home to Memphis!

HEY FOLKS! Keep coming back to our website, and keep praying for our ministry here! Thank you for praying for the Memphis Team! The Lord used them MIGHTILY! Thank you all again!

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Schedule of Events

The following are the current schedule of events for the second wave of our Summer Soul-Winning Blitz

Wed, 29 May Memphis Team arriving into Cork
Thur, 30 May

Planning Meeting - preparing skits and events for Church Anniversary

Work on Sunday School Building

Fri, 31 May Preparing for Youth Activity - Going out and inviting teens to activity

Mallow Evangelism 

Fri, 31 May  9pm-midnight Youth Activity in Blarney in the TA Hall - food, fellowship, games, quizes, prizes
Sat, 1 June Passing out invites to Anniversary Meeting in Blarney and Bible Club on Tuesday
Sun, 2 June 8th Anniversary of Church  in Blarney - Puppets, Skits, Food, Races - a great time
Mon, 3 June Touring in Dingle or Killarney - Mountain Climb
Tues, 4 June AM Preparing for Bible Clubs

Passing out invites to Bible Club

Tues, 4 June 4-6pm Bible Club - The Rescuers!
Wed, 5 June 4-6pm Bible Club - The Rescuers!
Thur, 6 June 4-6pm Bible Club - The Rescuers!
Fri, 7 June The team leaves from Cork to go home!