Soul-Winning Blitz 2002

Second Wave 

Day 5 - June 2, 2002

Ministering in Church in Blarney, then Mallow, then Blarney Again

Today we celebrated the 8th anniversary service of Bible Baptist Church in Blarney! We had singing and puppets, and then went up to Mallow for more, and then testimonies and singing and a skit in Blarney again in the evening.

Now, which one is the real McCoy? Aaron prepares for doing the puppet skit!

Sean gives his testimony.

8th Anniversary Meeting in Blarney!

The team singing in Blarney!

The ladies blessing all our hearts with wonderful songs!

The young men were such an encouragement!

The puppets were a great joy to have today!

Celine enjoyed every minute of it!

Up in Mallow now, Casey talks with Kevin OK about the way to walk on your hands, should you find yourself in need of such information!

Heather fills in our Visitor Book in Mallow!

Kim and David seem to love showing just how brightly white their teeth are!

The Team sings their heart out for the folks in Mallow!

The ladies sang again! We couldn't get enough of them!

Ruth tries on a leprechan's hate - doesn't fit!

Nathan giving his testimony of salvation.

David giving his testimony of getting saved.

ben telling us how the Lord got his attention, and won his heart!

Aaron just too close!

The Ugly Skit - what a great laugh!

The Pencil Skit - we were rolling on the floor with laughter!