Soul-Winning Blitz 2002

Second Wave 

Day 3 - May 31, 2002

Today we went first up to Mallow, and went door to door giving out the Gospel! After that we prepared for the Teen Activity at church in Blarney. Then came the Activity, and what a blessing the whole day was! We finally went home at 1.00 am!


Aaaaahhhhhh! We are on the Mission Field!

At a home in Mallow!

The team sings some special music for the folks in Mallow, and are really a blessing!

Ben is finishing off his fish and chip dinner! Mmmmmmm!

This is the way to fulfill the Great Commission!

Casey could not find a suitable teddy bear in the toy store, so he settled for a digimon ball.

One on one, David giving the Gospel and inviting to church!


Joel and Ben going door to door.

Joshua says he has found an extinct Irish Elk jawbone - hmmm. (It's a dead cow jawbone)

Joshua gets doing something spiritual, AMEN!

Nathan and Kim going door-to-door in Mallow.

Sean and Heather giving out the Good News!


Playing round-robin table tennis!

Sean is demonstrating the art of eating Pizza - he needs another hand!

A Bonfire! Now THAT'S a Teen Activity! But where's the Pizza?

Roasting some marshmallows!


Around the bonfire, roasting some more marshmallows!

Casey, Will and Aaron practiving their skit for later tonight.