Soul-Winning Blitz 2002

Second Wave 

Day 10 - June 7, 2002

Heading Home to Memphis

Up at 4am, to the Airport, and home to Memphis!

Well, just to let everyone know that our sunsets here in Ireland can take your breath away - this was what we all were treated to just before going to bed!

4:30am comes real hard after 9 days of hard work in Ireland! But we got up, didn't we? Ben isn't so sure though!

Packing the cars seemed harder this time!

You wouldn't believe it, but 5:30am is very bright here in Ireland during the summer!

First thing to do is Check-In!

Then comes the waiting to board! The final minutes of fellowship on Irish soil!


These folks are ready to travel - see their pillows?

Time to board the plane - lack of sleep doesn't quench their spirit, AMEN!

Slowly they file into the boarding gate - not slow enough though!

Ben is the last to leave - maybe he will be first back? Who knows?