A Three Day CHILDREN’S Adventure!

To be held on the Green in the Oaklands Estate, next to Muskerry Estate, Ballincollig, Co. Cork

Everyone is welcome

Tuesday - Thursday (4th – 6th June, 2002)

4.30 till 6.00pm

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Children ages 6 to 14 years are invited to come along to discover the greatest Rescues ever attempted! We teach kids that Jesus is THE Rescuer of all people - the Saviour of all mankind, and that just as God has delivered (rescued) people so many times in the past, He can and will rescue anybody who trusts His Son Jesus Christ by simple child-like faith!

Come on out and be reminded just how fun learning the Bible can be!


Our God whom we serve is able to deliver (rescue) us!   Daniel chapter 3, verse 17


Everyone will enjoy the exciting Bible Stories, Puppets, Sports, Awards, & Songs that teach the importance of trusting and following Jesus all through life! Kids can come any or all of the three days!

 All parents are welcome, and encouraged to participate with their children in the many activities. Light refreshments will be provided at the end of each club meeting.

 If you would like your children to attend, please fill-in the information below, and have them bring this paper with them when they come. Thank you! If you have any questions, please ring Craig Ledbetter, Minister of the Baptist Church of Blarney, Tel: 4871234, or 087-276-6764, or contact us via email at  

My Child has permission to attend the BIBLE CLUB

Being held on the Oaklands Estate Green, Ballincollig, 4th – 6th June, 2002.



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