Portraits of God's Grace

-- 2015 --
A year-long Bible Study of God's Grace towards Sinners

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The Glory of Grace
Ephesians 1:6,7
The Glory of God's Grace  
What Grace Does  
Recognizing Grace  
The Work of Grace (Dan Eberly)  
Manasseh - A Story of God's Amazing Grace
(Andrew Day)
God's Law and God's Grace
John 1:16,17
God's Grace in the Life of Moses  
What's So Great About God's Law  
The God of the Ten Commandments  
Thank God for Grace (Dan Eberly)  
A Study on the Holy Spirit (Kevin O'Keeffe)  
Grace is Greater!
Romans 5:20
The First of the Ten Commandments
Thou shalt have no gods Before Me!
The Second of the Ten Commandments
No Idols, At All!
The Gift of a Mom  
God Found a Man (Dan Eberly)  
The Woman Caught in Adultery  
The Darkest Hour  
The Suffering Messiah (Psalm 22)  

The Gospel of Grace
Ephesians 2:8,9
The Greatest Surprise of All Time - The Resurrection!
Watch, The Greatest Surprise of All Time!
Cornelius: A Portrait of Grace
Watch, Cornelius, a Portrait of Grace
Nineveh Finds Grace - Dan Eberly  
The Blessing of Giving - David O'Gorman
Watch, The Blessing of Giving
Shew Me Thy Glory  
Deciding Same Sex Marriage
Watch, Deciding About Same Sex Marriage
Accessing Grace
James 4:6
Ruth - Chapter 1 - A Portrait of God's Grace
Watch, Ruth, Accessing Grace
Ruth - Chapter 2 - Experiencing Grace
Watch, Ruth Experiencing Grace
What Does Grace Look Like?  
Ruth - Chapter 3 - Trusting Grace
Watch, Ruth - Trusting Grace
What to do when you are Out of God's Will  
Ruth - Chapter 4 - The Cost of Grace
Watch, Ruth - The Cost of Grace
Question & Answer Session  

Grace in the Home
1st Peter 3:7
Hell: Psalm 9:17 - Dan Eberly
Watch Hell: Psalm 9:17
Some Things Never to Be Forgotten
Remembering the Way  
Jesus Christ: King, Captain, Brother, High Prist - Luke Miller  
Vashti's Failure
Watch Vashti's Failure
A Father's Influence - Dan Eberly  
Esther's Power - Part 1  
Esther's Power - Part 2  

The Depths of Grace
Romans 3:23,24
Experiencing the Depths of Grace - Part 1
Watch, Experiencing the Depths of Grace, Part 1
What Will It Take to Stop You?  
Express Your Love (Mike Clark)
Watch, Express Your Love
Jesus our High Priest
Experiencing the Depths of Grace - Part 2
Experiencing the Depths of Grace - Part 3
Watch, Experiencing the Depths of Grace - Part 3
When Nadab and Abihu Crossed the Line - (Andrew Day)  

Grace to Serve
Hebrews 12:28
Joseph, and the Grace to Serve
Watch, Joseph, and the Grace to Serve
Joseph and the Grace to Be Great
Watch, Joseph and the Grace to Be Great
Joseph Experiences the Greatest Grace - The Grace to Forgive!
Watch, Joseph Experiences the Greates Grace
What is Revival? (Dan Eberly)
Watch, What is Revival?
The Nation That Forgets God
(Kevin O'Keeffe)
Stumblingblocks to Revival
(Dan Eberly)

Watch, Stumblingblocks to Revival

Abusing Grace
Jude 1:4
Personal Revival
(Dan Eberly)

Watch, Personal Revival
A Lesson from the Harvest (Andrew Day)  
Be Encouraged (Dan Eberly)
Watch, Be Encouraged
What a Friend We Have in Jesus
(Andrew Day)
Lot, An Example of Abusing Grace
Watch: Lot, An Example of Abusing Grace
Not in Vain
Watch, Not in Vain!

The Sufficiency of Grace
2nd Corinthians 12:9
Be a Watchman -
(Missionary Evan Williams)
What Does the Lord Require? - (Missionary Evan Williams)  
Enjoying Grace Among the Thorns
The Gift of a Thorn

Watch: Enjoying Grace!
How to Use Grace
Watch: How to Use Grace!
Walk in the Light
Watch: Walk in the Light

The Problems With Grace
2nd Timothy 1:9
Jonah - The Problems with Grace - Part 1
The Problems With Grace Part 1
Jonah - The Problems with Grace - Part 2

The Problems with Grace - Part 2
Jonah - Repentance Unlocks Grace
Watch: Repentance Unlocks Grace
Jonah - The Poison of a Man's Anger
Watch: The Poison of a Man's Anger
Jonah - The Bondage of a Man's Anger  

The Gifts of Grace
2nd Corinthians 8:9
Vision Service for 2016  
Letting God Lead - Graham Daly  
The Gifts Jesus Gave to Believers  
Christmas Play    
Why I Love Jesus Christ - Andrew Day  
The Birth of Christ - Dan Eberly  
Wrapping Up Grace  
The Bride of Christ - Kevin O'Keeffe  



Study on
What Cults Believe...
Sunday Nights at 7pm

Bible Study through the Book of 1st Samuel, Wednesday evenings @8pm
Meeting in the Westgate Foundation Building, Ballincollig, Cork

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