Esther’s Greatest Power – Part 2

The Power of Grace in Marriage

Part 3 of How to Manage Stubborn Husbands

Esther 4-8

June 28, 2015 AM

Pastor Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland


I.       Introduction (Romans 15:4)


A.    The Book of Esther is one of the neglected books of the Bible.


1.      Most people have never heard a sermon, or a series of sermons, on the book of Esther.

2.      And for good reason – it is very pointed, very clear in its truth about handling hard hearted, stubborn, selfish men.

3.      And how to let something more powerful than anger change your home – GRACE!


B.     It is mainly about a woman – named ESTHER


1.      If you have read this book of Esther, then you already know it is an intriguing and fascinating story of human love and palace-intrigue.

2.      It covers a time of Israel’s history when they were spiritually away from God, and physically away from their land.

3.      The Jewish people so ignored and rejected God’s ways of living that they had harshly reaped the consequences of their choices and watched their entire country burned to the ground, and Jerusalem reduced to a pile of burnt rubble, as they and all their children were taken away as slaves and captives to a far away empire called Babylon!

4.      And that is where this Book picks up the story – with the people of Israel in captivity, away from God and from their land, and about to be utterly destroyed by an enemy named Haman, that you would think was Adolf Hitler’s twin brother!


C.     The Apostle Paul, in Romans 15:4 reminds us that all the things that happened to Israel happened as examples for us. They teach us about Israel, but they also very clearly teach us about OURSELVES, and even about our MARRIAGES!


II.    Review (Esther 1:1-9)


A.    We Have Already Met, Ahasuerus the King


1.      King of the World

2.      His real name was Xerxes – lived about 500 years before the birth of Jesus

3.      Not a nice guy! Filthy rich, but a pretty ruthless man


B.     We learned About the Kingdom of Media and Persia


1.      Vast empire - 127 provinces under the dominion of one empire (Ireland only has 4 provinces, Munster, Leinster, Ulster and Connacht). 3,000 miles from Egypt to India! As big in size as Europe!


C.    We Then Met His Wife, Vashti the Queen


1.      Queen Vashti of Media ruled this empire along-side her husband, Ahasuerus

2.      A descendent of Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, and related to Cyrus the Great

3.      She takes her place as the first official feminist in history, as you will see


D.    They Were having a Huge Celebration


1.      180 days (1/2 a year) of partying and revelling in preparation for their invasion of Greece


a.       The empire was getting ready to go to war, so they were living it up before they potentially died!

b.      The Persians of that day were known for being soft, and pleasure seekers


2.      At the end of the 180 days, a special one week feast is held for everyone great and small


a.       Ahasuerus and all the men were in one part of the palace partying

b.      And Vashti and all the women were in another part of the palace partying


E.     A major marital spat, and we learned the WRONG WAY to handle a hard husband!


1.      Ahasuerus’ Drunken Command (Esther 1:10,11)


a.       Ahasuerus was a Drunkard, Partier, Megalomaniac

b.      In a mood of showing off

c.       So, he COMMANDS his wife. Commands that she be brought before him and that she present herself before the whole city as another one of his beautiful possessions

d.      This was a slam to Vashti – a public embarrassment for her

e.       Rude, disrespectful, demeaning, controlling, uncaring, and the list goes on and on

f.       How do you respond to a man like that?


2.      Vashti’s Feminist Response (Esther 1:12)


a.       She knew his command/request was wrong. Anyone would have known that was wrong – and last week we talked about why

b.      Vashti had three options: Ignore him, Fight him, or Divorce him.

c.       She is no saint – a partier too, and a rebel, selfish, spoiled…

d.      Vashti chooses to fight him – head to head, toe to toe, eye to eye


1)      Plainly REFUSED his command – publically hurt him

2)      There. They were now even.

3)      Ahasuerus should just get over it, and get on with life like she is hers

4)      He will just have to learn that he cannot just boss her around

5)      And then she went back to her own party


e.       That should have been the end of it.

f.       But, oh no! This was a fight she didn’t think would go as far as it did


3.      The Consequences of Vashti’s Actions (Esther 1:12, 19-22)


a.       She brought out fierce and dangerous anger in Ahasuerus

b.      Ahasuerus quickly divorces his queen. Vashti could not have stopped it!

c.       Vashti loses everything

d.      And Ahasuerus just went on with life

e.       And the kingdom learned its lesson – that men will win every time! “Might” will make right

f.       But was it the best lesson?

g.      Again, I don’t believe Vashti thought this would go as far as it did. But it did! Whew!


4.      I want you to know there was a better way to handle such a stupid husband! And to make a better man out of him – NOT perfect, but better!


F.     The Story Continued last week… (Esther Chapters 2 – 5)


1.      Ahasuerus Sought Another Wife (2:1-4) – just go out and get another one!


2.      We Met Hadassah / Esther (2:5-10)


a.       A Jewess

b.      Part of the captivity of Israel to Babylon and Persia about 70 years earlier

c.       Lost her parents

d.      Raised by her older cousin, Mordecai – a very good man who raised her alone. He will be a big help to her later.


3.      She was in some Stiff Competition (2:8,9)


a.       The BIGGEST beauty contest imaginable!

b.      The most beautiful from all across the empire!


4.      Esther Had Qualities No One Else Did


a.       Outwardly, she was naturally fair and beautiful – pleasing to the eye, and attractive without…


1)      Long eyelashes

2)      Facelifts

3)      Hair extensions

4)      Huge dangling earrings

5)      High heels

6)      Caked on mascara

7)      Spray on tan

8)      Tattoos

9)      Piercings

10)  Nips and tucks

11)  She was just naturally beautiful – like most women are who have not been influenced by all the Music Videos, Movie Stars, Women’s and Teen Girl Magazines!


b.      Inwardly, she was even MORE beautiful!


1)      Softness to her – not loud, brash, pushy

2)      Submissive – to Mordecai – trusted him – obeyed him when he commanded her to


a)      Be discrete

b)      Hide her nationality

c)      Not ever be ashamed of it

d)     Just NOT make it an issue – it was extremely dangerous to be a Jew in Persia


3)      She pleased Others – Hegai (put others first, like Joseph did in prison)

4)      She earned Respect – earned the favour, praise of Hegai AND of all the other women (that’s hard). Didn’t force it, didn’t fake it – just earned it!


c.       And she had God working on her behalf! Not even knowing it!

d.      THOSE are the reasons why she was chosen, and even preferred ahead of the others – because she had many layers of beauty!

e.       You may think those qualities are outdated, and dangerous, but I believe the Bible, and believe with all my heart, the kind of world we live in today is because men and women, husbands and wives have thrown away God’s commandments, and have reaped the rebellion of their children, and will reap it for 3 and 4 generations now!


5.      The King Amazingly Chose Esther – Made her Queen (2:12-18)


a.       No further search once he met her

b.      He Crowns her - Like Miss Universe!

c.       Has a celebration (it seems to be his favourite thing to do) and calls it Esther’s Feast (2:18)

d.      Should have stopped the story right there - “And they lived Happily Ever After!”

e.       Ah, no! This is not a fairy tale book!


6.      Not Everything is Honkey-Dorey in the King’s Palace! (3:7-15)


a.       There was a problem brewing that neither Esther nor Ahasuerus was aware of

b.      There was an enemy at work behind the scene – Haman


1)      And not even HE was the real enemy

2)      There was an enemy BEHIND the enemy – Satan (remember Job?)

3)      But here is a great picture of how Satan is at work in our lives AND in our marriages!


c.       Haman was carrying out an age-old vengeance against the Jewish people


1)      Wanted them ALL dead

2)      And that would include Esther herself, and any future children she might have


d.      And without hardly any effort, the ruin was sealed

e.       It was only a matter of time before Esther, and ALL the Jewish people would be exterminated – about 11 months

f.       What a way to start a family!

g.      It was a marriage that started great, but was headed down the tubes fast, and would end in ruin! Like so many marriages still TODAY!


7.      What Went Wrong? How did such a thing happen? Four things were wrong in their home:


a.       Proud Ignorance. Ahasuerus Did Not Know Esther


1)      Never knew where she came from, her culture, her likes, her dislikes!

2)      Never cared to ask

3)      Just got married and got free legal sex!

4)      The Bible commands that every married man gets to know his wife – understand her, or at least TRY to understand her, and her needs, and her background, and her likes and dislikes! (1Peter 3:7) “according to knowledge)


b.      Superficial Love. Ahasuerus Wasn’t Close to Esther


1)      Would go weeks and even months without spending any time with her

2)      Too busy in his own affairs

3)      Always on business

4)      Always away from the home – not his palace, but his place by her side in the core of his home!


c.       Unconcern. Ahasuerus Allowed a Problem to INTO His home


1)      He was concerned about his kingdom, his money, his happiness, his army, his image

2)      He was not concerned about his HOME!

3)      He didn’t care that he was killing off an entire nation – didn’t care about anybody but himself! Does that match people even today?

4)      A threat to his very marriage

5)      A threat to his future children

6)      And never was aware of it


d.      Blind Arrogance. Ahasuerus was actually a PART of the problem


1)      HE was ultimately responsible for this threat actually taking shape

2)      Actually signed the death warrant with his own ring and name

3)      HE would be to blame for the genocide of the Jews


e.       Fear. Esther Thought She Could Do Nothing – threw up her hands


1)      At first was ignorant of what was going on

2)      Then when she was made aware of the danger, she had no clue what to do

3)      She had no power against such a plot

4)      She had no rule over her husband

5)      What could SHE do?

6)      She just accepted things


a)      Esther Thought everything was “normal” – just how things had to be!

b)      Many a woman finds herself extremely frustrated and bitter for no clear reason – but it is because what they see as normal, and what they have just always put up with, was serious and they don’t know how to deal with it!


7)      That is until Mordecai taught her about the power of GRACE. Not the toleration of wrong, but the changing of what is wrong using grace!


III. This Week – Esther’s Approach (Chapters 4-8)


A.    Review How Vashti Responded to Ahasuerus’ abuses – remember it?


1.      Vashti chooses to fight Ahasuerus – head to head, toe to toe, eye to eye. Seemed like the only way to deal with such a hard-headed drunken husband!

2.      Plainly REFUSED his “command” – publically hurt him – humiliated him

3.      Sought to get even

4.      Honoured herself

5.      Never gave another thought about her husband

6.      Ignored the consequences


B.     Mordecai Pushes Esther (4:8-17)


1.      Remember Mordecai? Still there, still the best kind of friend and influence she could ever have had!

2.      Told her the truth about what Haman and Ahasuerus had agreed to do – not as a gossip, but as someone fully aware of what was going to happen if Ahasuerus’ mind wasn’t changed!

3.      Told her something HAD to be done. And only SHE could do it!

4.      Esther was terrified – of Ahasuerus’ anger, and of ending up like Vashti

5.      Mordecai teaches her to access GRACE – by praying and fasting!

6.      And to USE that grace to change the whole situation!


C.    What Was Needed in their Marriage was GRACE!


1.      Grace is the ONLY life changing power that can change the minds and hearts of impossible men and women!

2.      What IS Grace?


a.       It is the opposite of WRATH and ANGER!

b.      It is an attitude that is Free, Ready, Quick, and Willing to show …


1)      Goodwill, kindness, favour, compassion…

2)      Towards someone who does not deserve it – like an enemy!

3)      Doing something nice for a stranger is unmerited favour

4)      Doing something nice for an enemy, is GRACE (Luke 6:27-36)


c.       It is the only kind of soil that forgiveness can grow in!

d.      Grace means GIFT!


1)      It cannot be earned, merited, lived up to, or bought!

2)      That doesn’t mean it is free of cost – just free to YOU!


e.       Grace is NOT a freedom for someone to do their own things – not a license to sin (Titus 2:11,12) – or the freedom to live as we please – THAT is NOT grace

f.       True grace TRANSFORMS people from the inside out – it has an influence that no Frying Pan, nor hammer, nor Sharp Tongue, Nor Angry Countenance, nor Law, nor Punishment could ever have!


3.      Ahasuerus needed to experience true grace, or nothing would ever change in their home, or in their marriage, or in the nation!


D.    How Esther Responded - How Esther Approached Her Husband, and Corrected Him (5:1-8; 7:1-10)


1.      A Simple Illustration:


a.       Like an airplane’s approach to runway for a landing…

b.      When a plane makes its final approach to landing…

c.       The aircraft lines up with the runway – not from the side, or out of nowhere – but straight on!

d.      Stays on a narrow path (very few options)

e.       As careful, under constant control – following training and the rules of flight

f.       Draws ever closer to the runway

g.      Descends – not rises to get higher than the runway, but ever lower

h.      Follows a path that is a gentle downward slope.


1)      Usually just 3° from the horizontal. However, certain airports have steeper approach paths based on topography, buildings, or other considerations. E.g., London City Airport has a 5.5° approach, and only aircraft that can maintain such an approach are permitted to use the airport.

2)      Sometimes a plan may have to come in sharp, but is very dangerous


i.        Always slowing down – not racing ahead, panicking

j.        Landing gently

k.      Has the goal of surviving, NOT crash and burning!

l.        That is called a graceful landing!

m.    Isn’t THAT what you want ladies? Or are you really not caring about the consequences like Vashti?


2.      This is How Esther Approached Her Husband and Changed Him for the Better. And it is how any woman can use GRACE to make a better home than imaginable!

3.      Esther’s approach toward Ahasuerus is Absolutely THE most amazing picture of grace!

4.      As God-Dependant (Look back at 4:15,16)


a.       She Approaches her Husband and her problem AFTER she has approached her God!

b.      Fasted and prayed for 3 entire days

c.       Why did she do that?


1)      Because it helps us break OUR own proud heart – makes us weak

2)      Makes us depend upon God instead of our ability to wrestle

3)      Keeps us praying and asking and begging God for help with what you are about to attempt to do!


d.      If Esther had not prayed, and fasted, she would have failed – guaranteed!

e.       She was smart enough to ask others to pray and fast for her too!


1)      Don’t neglect godly friends, Christians, your church!

2)      You will need them some days

3)      People will spend thousands of euros on marriage counsellors, when God made Bible believing churches that can do more with you by prayer than all of the world put together!


5.      As a Queen (5:1)


a.       Not as a doormat, or as a slave

b.      Not as dirt, or a beggar

c.       But as his wife – that means something!

d.      Grace comes as you ARE

e.       If Esther had NOT been his wife, she would have died on the spot

f.       You know what, I am a child of God!


6.      Got His Attention (5:2)


a.       Got in front of him

b.      Like standing in front of the TV

c.       Or arriving at his work at lunch time

d.      Or leaving a note for him in his lunch


7.      Drew Close to Him (5:2)


a.       Silently – not screaming, yelling, demeaning – that would have been a Vashti moment!

b.      Went right up to him

c.       Even touched the source of his power to have her killed

d.      Great courage – came from great faith that GOD was ahead of her, already going to do something – she didn’t know WHAT, but she was trusting GOD! Not herself, or her husband!

e.       Looked him in the eye

f.       She was NOT too proud to initiate the closeness

g.      HE on the other had was as busy as ever


8.      Asked to spend time together - Invited Him To a Dinner (5:3,4)


a.       Wanted a private discussion

b.      Not with everyone else around

c.       She was discrete – careful, respectful – like Vashti had NOT been

d.      Remember – Ahasuerus was PART of the problem. And to blame and attack him publically would have only embarrassed him and turned him against HER like he did Vashti.

e.       This woman was wise

f.       Had Been Busy


1)      Not planning to destroy, or hurt her husband, to get back at him, to rebuke him, to nag him, but to get his help!

2)      Had Prepared a Banquet

3)      Not a spur of the moment, reaction to her feelings

4)      She has fasted and prayed for three days

5)      She has begged God for wisdom

6)      And then came up with the idea for a banquet

7)      Made it special – not just thrown together microwave style – which maybe fine, but when a problem needs to be dealt with, make the effort!

8)      And then spent hours preparing a big dinner to bring her husband and the problem together so that they could face it and deal with it and hopefully fix it!


9.      Hesitated – you would have too! (5:6-8)


a.       When she and Ahasuerus and Haman we gathered together, and all the attention was on her, she hesitated

b.      Scared

c.       She is trying to handle a deadly problem without making it worse!

d.      Decides to just sit and enjoy the evening, and have them back again the next time – and try again!

e.       You have got to laugh because Esther is SO real!


10.  Allowed God to Work Behind the Scene (6:1-14)


a.       Remember that there were so many praying and fasting for Esther

b.      Oh how important it is to have praying friends, not just good-time-Charlie’s

c.       No one could have known just what God was doing

d.      But God WAS and always IS doing something marvellous!

e.       He was bringing about the complete ruin of Haman!


11.  She Brought Along the Problem! (7:1-3)


a.       She didn’t ignore the problem in their home

b.      But was careful how she attempted to face it

c.       Men hate for problems to be brought up

d.      But there are times that problems in a home HAVE to be faced


12.  And then Esther Appealed for Help (7:4-10)


a.       She Did not manipulate her husband

b.      Did not force her husband to agree with her

c.       Did not humiliate him – even privately

d.      Did not beg him

e.       Esther didn’t even know what could be done – the law was so exact!

f.       But she had turned the problem over first to God, asked and begged God to work on her husband’s heart, and then fasted to make sure she was weak enough to only trust God, and then waited! Whew! What faith!

g.      So she presented the problem to him, and let him see it clearly

h.      And then let him decide what to do about it

i.        That’s not stupidity – it is faith! Trusting the LORD to work because you have decided to do things HIS way and not the world’s way, or even your own way!


E.     Ahasuerus Finds a Way (8:3-11)


1.      Not smart enough to figure it all out

2.      But smart enough and determined enough to get RID of Haman!


a.       Is always smart to get rid of the source of the problem

b.      NOT allow Satan to be so free in your life and in your marriage!


3.      Sought the counsel of Mordecai, who came up with a plan


a.       Ahasuerus made Mordecai into his friend

b.      And sought HIS counsel over all the dead-beats he used to listen to in chapter 1


4.      Ahasuerus had changed


a.       Began to protect his wife now – took responsibility for it

b.      Not too proud to accept responsibility for his blindness about Haman

c.       And to accept loss in his kingdom

d.      All because of Esther’s GRACE towards her husband


5.      And a whole lot of people were saved because of Esther’s grace towards her husband!


F.     What Grace Did in Esther’s Marriage


1.      Grace still loves, even though the other person is wrong, and to blame


a.       Love your husband, in spite of his sinfulness – that’s how he will have to learn to love you too!

b.      Neither one of you are perfect saints – at your best, you and he will fail miserably!

c.       Show affection towards him – that is what you vowed to do when you got married

d.      Give attention to him and his needs, as much as you do the children, and visitors

e.       Every husband is messed up, and different than you expect


1)      There are some absolute BABIES of husbands

a)      Won’t work, won’t help, will always have something to complain about

b)      They only do one thing at a time. Never have ever been forced to sweat and grunt and work hard!

c)      Babies

d)     And their Mommies and then later, their wives LET them remain babies!

2)      There are some men who are control freaks

3)      There are others that are always angry – have to walk on egg-shells around them

4)      There are other still that are loners – never are really “home” with you – just there, doing their own thing while you are doling yours

5)      All of these are men

6)      Let your husband be who he is – you married him, not a ideal

7)      No husband will ever be exactly what you want, or even need, ladies

8)      GOD reserves the right to meet ALL your needs! (Isa 45:22, “look unto me and be ye saved)

9)      When God gave you your husband, he was not intended to replace God

10)  God needs you to HELP your husband, but not change him!



2.      Grace gets us close to each other – pride keeps us apart


a.       Grace requires humility

b.      Stay connected with your husband – Vashti and Ahasuerus were disconnected

c.       Spend time with him

d.      Listen to him. He probably doesn’t talk much. But maybe it is because he thinks you don’t care what he thinks or is saying

e.       Do what he likes to do as much as you ask him to do what you like to do


3.      Grace takes risks

4.      Grace fights the enemy behind the problem (Eph 6:12)

5.      Grace demands praying and fasting of us all


a.       Pray for your husband – really pray for him…

b.      To know God – not just about God, but to know His heart, and His ways of doing things

c.       To love God – more than he loves you and the children

d.      For God to open his eyes to how stupid he is being

e.       To be more than just changed, but be transformed – to become only like Jesus


6.      Grace appeals to authority – does not fight authority. That is reserved only for the most extreme cases


a.       Seek to get your husband to do right


1)      Not what you want, but what God wants

2)      It is so easy to  only think of things relating to YOUR needs and not what is right


b.      Work WITH His Authority

c.       God has ordained authorities over people


1)      There is no getting around it (1Tim 2:1,2; Matt 23:2,3)

2)      Governments (good and bad) are ordained by God

3)      Parents – are also ordained by God

4)      AND… husbands have authority, as ordained by God

5)      All the talk about personal freedoms and rights and liberties is about to go down the toilet, with riot police being beefed up in every major city

6)      If your husband gets out of hand, appeal to higher authorities: like your pastor, or a counsellor, or the Garda, or a judge!


d.      God expects authorities to command, not to just ask nicely


1)      Governments make laws, commandments that must be obeyed

2)      Pastors are to direct their flocks (1Tim 3:4,5)

3)      Abraham commanded his home (Gen 18:19)

4)      Eli did NOT command his children (1Sam 3:13) – restrained them not

5)      Jesus commanded! He didn’t just walk around all day cowering and timid. Men followed Him because He actually LED the way, and fixed things, and was masculine!

6)      Don’t be upset that God expects men fathers husbands to lead homes & make commands


a)      Men should bare rule in their home – that is not wrong!

b)      According to God, men are lords in their home – their commands are to be obeyed

c)      Now, not everything needs to be a command!!!

d)     But when there is a fight, or a battle, Dad is supposed to be obeyed – unless there is a very good reason not to


e.       Stop fighting authority, and start working with it. God expects every one of us to work with our authorities, and not dishonour them, or mock them.


1)      That means, Usually obey

2)      But sometimes, we have to disagree – like Vashti needed to disagree

3)      It is not wrong to disagree


f.       There are ways to respectfully disagree, and respectfully deny a command!


1)      The wrong way – Vashti fighting head to head against her husband

2)      The right way – the Disciples (Acts 5:29). Did not threaten, or attack. Just said they can’t do what they are being commanded to do (or not to do)

3)      God expects husbands and wives to disagree – but expects them to do it privately, and respectfully! (Ephesians 5:33). Not publicly in front of children or visitors, or neighbours

4)      Stay under God’s control in an argument, even when your husband is not under control

5)      Use gracious words towards each other (Luke 4:21,22; Col 4:6; Ephesians 4:29)


g.      Be first to easily back down, to regain control!


1)      You are not losing the fight – you are still right

2)      You are allowing God to fight for you


h.      I imagine MOST of Us will have a problem with this Biblical principle!


1)      Please take a good long look at how YOU are affected by ALL the stupid TV and movies that not only YOU and your wife/husband watch, but also that your children watch that constantly influence their ideal of what boys and girls are for, and what marriage is all about! I cannot watch TV with all the STUPIDITY just pouring out of every channel!!!

2)      It has probably been a very long time since you were encouraged to handle arguments and fights in the home the right way

3)      Most people only know how to fight head to head, and toe to toe – they will not allow themselves to do anything lovingly, humbly, respectfully anymore!


7.      Grace leaves the result up to God – If I perish I perish


a.       Let God sanctify you and him through whatever you go through – don’t let anything separate you and him (1Cor 6:11; 7:14)

b.      Remember, Vashti proves you just cannot humanly change people

c.       Only GOD changes people – allow God to change them (Proverbs 21:1)!


8.      Grace does not come naturally – must be pushed upon us – Mordecai had to push Esther to act by grace and not by anger or fear or frustration


IV. Conclusion


A.    The most important help in your home will not be rules – although they will make it a safe place

B.     But it will be the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in your home


1.      As you invite Him to lead and change and sanctify all of you (Cf Rev 3:20)

2.      Have you yet humbled yourself before God and admitted you are a stubborn sinful man or woman, just like Ahasuerus or Vashti, and begged God to save a wretch like you?

3.      Do it today, BEFORE you lose your family!


C.    Gentlemen, none of us deserve such a woman as Esther! None of us deserve such careful respect

D.    We are all-too-often like Ahasuerus

E.     And we wonder why our wives and our homes are so disconnected, so cold, so hurt!

F.     So STOP taking Grace for granted


1.      Gentlemen, just because you experience such undeserving grace is no reason to continue in our sin and stubbornness against God (Romans 6:1)!

2.      God extends grace – but it is no good if neglected (2Cor 6:1,2)!


G.    Stop taking GOD’S kindness and grace for granted

H.    If we want our homes to survive… we need grace


1.      Ladies, you need to learn what Esther is going to show us

2.      And men, you need to learn what GRACE can do in your home, in your fights, in your children, and in your own heart


I.       Accept God’s grace and get converted, saved, today! Before you lose everything important (Ephesians 2:8,9)