The God of the Ten Commandments

Who Designed the Laws, and Why are They Good?

Exodus 24:12

February 15, 2015 AM

Pastor Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland


I.       Introduction (Exodus 24:12)


A.    We are learning about Grace all this year – God’s Amazing Grace!


1.      Our memory verse says it straight and simple, "For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ" (John 1:17)

2.      So, obviously Grace is better. But that does not mean the Law of God is bad!

3.      So this morning, let’s focus our attention on What are the Ten Commandments? Who wrote them? And Why are they good?


B.     Everyone on this planet desires, wants, and accepts a God of Love; a God of Tolerance; a God of Grace; a God of Forgiveness. Who could disagree with a God like that?

C.     But almost no one wants to worship, honour, obey, and fear, a God of Law!

D.    And yet, the only God of Love that there is… the Only God of Grace that exists… the ONLY truly forgiving God… IS THE SAME GOD who gave us the LAW!

E.     So, Before we can study and learn to obey the Ten Commandments, we need to know the God of the Ten Commandments, and learn why these laws are so good!

F.      It will change our mind about constantly making new laws today, and get back to living by the perfect laws of God, and getting our society to do the same too!


II.    Background


A.    There are Different Kinds of Laws in the Bible


1.      Not just the Ten Commandments, but…

2.      Laws of Physics

3.      Laws of Morality – absolute right and wrong

4.      Laws of Government and Justice

5.      Dietary Laws – Laws governing health and sanity

6.      Laws of Worship and Salvation

7.      The Bible has all of the above!

8.      And they are ALL good – not one of theme is wasted, or stupid!

9.      As a matter of fact, you would do well to know every one of them, and live by them

10.  Those who are ignorant of God’s Laws, or are rejecters of God’s laws, are doomed to a life of trouble and heartache and sorrow, and regret! Guaranteed!


B.     All of these Laws are Good (Romans 15:4)

C.     But, WHO is behind all these laws?


1.      Laws describe how things should work. They don’t make things work!


a.       Laws of physics can certainly explain how a jet engine works

b.      But someone had to build the thing, put in the fuel and start it up. The jet could not have been created without the laws of physics on their own  -  but the task of development and creation needed the genius of Whittle as its agent.

c.       In the same way, the laws of physics could never have actually built the universe. Someone, a Designer must have been involved.


2.      The beauty and perfection of the scientific laws only prove that an intelligent, divine creative force is at work in our universe! The more someone understands science, the more they will believe in God because of the breadth, complexity and integrity of everything!


a.       Stephen Hawking, like so many critics of religion, want everyone to believe we are all nothing but a random collection of molecules, and the end product of a mindless process.

b.      I say NO! Someone built everything, and He did it well!

c.       And what He used to make everything, and what he uses to keep everything going, are LAWS!


III. Main Message


A.    God GAVE US His Laws (Exodus 24:12)


1.      You can’t figure these out all on your own – no one ever has figured a better set of laws!

2.      They are a gift from God!


a.       It is NOT a bad thing to have laws and rules and commandments to live by!

b.      They are a great help from God for sinful men and women!

c.       Thank God we don’t have to go through thousands and millions of years trying to find out what laws are good and right, by trial and error (like people are doing today)


1)      Richard Dawkins believes all laws are man-made, and should change as we adapt! He believes mankind one day will allow for a family to have several wives, and each having several husbands, all at the same time!

2)      Atheists will blatantly tell you that it is okay to steal and lie, as long as no one gets hurt. It is okay to commit adultery as long as it is consensual with all involved!

3)      People in general believe that all laws should be basically to allow someone to be happy. If anything stops a person from being happy, it is a bad law.


a)      So, make sure all laws against sodomy are repealed

b)      Make sure all laws against incest are repealed

c)      Make sure all laws against pornography are repealed


d.      It is funny how people are so determined to try and live WITHOUT God’s laws, and yet in the end, usually come around and discover God was right to begin with!


1)      As with dating! Live by your own rules, until someone starts dating YOUR daughter!

2)      As with driving – you drive like a maniac, until someone cuts you off on the highway, driving like a maniac – that’s when you wish a Garda was around to ENFORCE the LAW!


3.      God gave us His laws NOT to save us, forgive us, change us, or make us better people…

4.      But to show us what God expects of people – of everyone!

5.      We NEED Laws


a.       If you want to play soccer, you have to play BY THE RULES

b.      If you want to play Rugby, you have to play by the RULES

c.       If you want to play the stock-market, you have to buy and sell by the rules

d.      If you want to drive, you have to drive according to the LAWS

e.       How could anyone do any of those things without rule books, and laws?



6.      All great societies and governments exists only by laws, not by the freedom to do as you please (Dt 4:8)


a.       All our rights, come from God – all European nations used to believe this! See the Magna Carta!

b.      And All our rights and freedoms are protected ONLY by Laws, and by Law-Abiding People


1)      No one has ever been freed by a law


a)      It usually takes a battle, a war, bloodshed, great sacrifice to free people from tyranny, slavery, bondage! And Jesus was THE great sacrifice, that brought forgiveness, and freedom – the Lamb of God for all time!

b)      The law never made anything perfect (Heb 7:19; Gal 3:21; Rom 3:20)

c)      Only the bringing in of a better HOPE makes someone new!


2)      But freedoms are protected by laws


c.       Laws are for a free people


1)      To limit sin – draw lines, and limits

2)      To protect the weak

3)      Laws allow people to live, and grow, and enjoy life, not just pleasure

4)      All of God’s laws help us live free of slavery, bondage, sin, selfishness, and the old nature


7.      Thank God, that He gave us an instruction Book – a rule book


a.       On the right way to raise our children (don’t tell me you don’t have a good instruction book on child training!)

b.      The right way (not just the best way) to treat each other

c.       The right way to get money (HARRD WORK)

d.      The right way to worship and serve God


B.     GOD Actually Wrote the Laws (Exodus 20:1)


1.      GOD is the Great Law-Giver – not really Moses


a.       Moses was the postman. That’s all. Not the author!

b.      I’m glad that God didn’t leave it up to a Moses, or a king, or a priest, or a pope, a church, a vote, a Dail, or an army to decide what is right and wrong!

c.       No sinful man or woman has the right or ability to decide what is right or wrong

d.      GOD did that alone!


2.      And God wrote all these laws, commandments Himself!


a.       He wrote it is STONE so it could not be changed!

b.      With His own finger (Ex 31:18; 32:15,16)


3.      Most of God’s Laws are Still in Place with Some Exceptions


a.       Some laws were specific to certain people at certain times - dispensations

b.      Some were temporary

c.       Some were changed when Jesus died on the cross

d.      But, MOST are still in place – still to be obeyed – not thrown away because they are unpopular!

e.       All because GOD wrote them!

f.       Never forget that


4.      NO MAN changes God’s Laws. They are eternal! It doesn’t matter if governments decide to overrule God and make up their own laws. God’s LAW still stands head and shoulder above!


a.       So, if something was wrong in the beginning (like having multiple wives), then it is still wrong today.

b.      So, if sodomy was wrong in the beginning, it is and always will be wrong today

c.       So, if adultery, incest, thievery, lust, sorcery was wrong in olden times, they are still wrong today!

d.      All because GOD wrote these Laws!


C.    God is a God OF Laws (Exodus 20:2)


1.      God is NOT the God of Chance, Accidents, Luck, or Fate

2.      He is the God of Laws!


a.       Yes, He has feelings, and compassion, but He is a God of rules, and Laws

b.      Our generation does not know this!


3.      The Bible says that God created everything…

4.      But He didn’t just create things! He created the Laws that keep everything going!

5.      Every corner of this universe exists because LAWS are in place, that allow things to exists, and live, and grow! Without well designed laws… this universe would fly apart!


a.       Gravity

b.      Motion

c.       Friction

a.       Heat - the Laws of Thermodynamics

b.      Energy Conservation   E=MC2

c.       The Constance of the Speed of Light

d.      The strong force, holding all matter together


6.      Notice, evidently, God has Laws against SLAVERY (Ex 20:2)!


a.       And it was the God of Laws, that freed His people from Egypt’s slavery

b.      Because HE said it was wrong!

c.       The Egyptians didn’t decide it. GOD said it was wrong, and that settles it!


7.      Even God Himself is subject to His own Laws


a.       He doesn’t change (Mal 3:6)

b.      He remains faithful (Deut 7:9)


D.    So, What ARE God’s Laws?


1.      They are MORE than just rules.

2.      More than just lists of Dos and Don’ts


a.       Rules control our actions

b.      But God’s laws control and influence our heart and attitudes


3.      They are God’s absolute conclusions about what is right to do, and what is wrong to do

4.      The perfect revelation of how things should happen in a thriving, safe, secure society

5.      Nobody, and No society can exists without laws


a.       Try to live without laws… Try to live just by “grace” and tolerance, and allowing everyone to do what they want…

b.      And you will live in fear of your life as thieves rob your homes, and rape your children, and as even your best of friends end up ignoring you and living only for themselves

c.       THAT is the result of living without law


6.      God’s Laws are good – perfect (Rom 7:14)

7.      Laws are for our good, to allow God to bless and honour us (Deut 10:12,13)

8.      Without them, we would live as enemies of God, and of each other! No wonder the world is filling up with MORE and MORE crime and hatred, and violence!


E.     God is Serious About His Laws (Deut 11:13-28)


1.      God’s Laws are NOT His “suggestions”, or recommendations, or opinions for people to vote on, and choose whether to obey or reject!

2.      They are absolute, eternal laws

3.      There are blessings and benefits of knowing, loving and obeying God’s laws


a.       They are GOOD (Romans 7:12)

b.      They are for our good (Dt 10:12,13)


4.      And there are curses, and troubles for ignoring and rejecting God’s laws

5.      People need to FEAR living without His laws – by your own rules (Dt 11:13-28)


a.       Men need to FEAR looking at pornography

b.      Men and women need to greatly FEAR telling a lie – you will get caught!

c.       Every man is doing that which is right in his own eyes, and ignores the fact that they will reap for it, ONE DAY!


6.      Fear facing the Author of these laws


a.       That’s why He appeared at Mt Sinai (Ex 19:9-13, 16-20)


1)      From the top of a burning mountain

2)      Thunders

3)      Lightnings

4)      A Think Dark Cloud

5)      Terrifying sight

6)      Constant earthquakes

7)      And THAT was when God spoke!



b.      HE will judge us all one day by the very words we mock and make fun of!

c.       Hebrews 13:4 is STILL TRUE!


7.      Thank God for His Laws!


a.       If you are married! Thank God that HE demanded your husband or wife stay true to just you and you alone!

b.      If you are a child! Thank God that He demands that parents train their children RIGHT and in tenderness!

c.       If you are a servant, and an employee, THANK GOD that He demands that employers pay wages, and don’t take advantage of slavery and slaves

d.      If you are desperately poor, THANK GOD that He commands everyone, not just the rich, or the religious to take care of the poor

e.       Thank God that He commands that no one should lie

f.       That no one should steal

g.      That no one should kill

h.      That no one should gossip about you

i.        That everyone should keep their promises

j.        That people should eat healthy foods – clean foods

k.      And so on, and so on, and so on!


F.     God’s Laws Prove Our Need for GRACE (Romans 5:20)


1.      Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound

2.      God’s Laws prove that…


a.       There is a God – a designer of life and the laws that allow us to live

b.      And there is SIN in each and every one of us. Sin that must be punished

c.       And there is no law that can take away our sin

d.      Only the God who wrote the Laws, can actually satisfy the requirements of all the laws that condemn us

e.       That’s where Grace enters! GRACE makes up for all the times that we fail to do what is right to do!

f.       By becoming condemned Himself – on the cross – in all of our place!


3.      But God’s Grace is not found in a church, or in meditation, or in baptism

4.      It is available ONLY through following the life of Jesus Christ!

5.      That is a life of transforming faith – saving faith – new life


a.       God commendeth His love towards us, while we were yet sinners, condemned by the laws we have broken, Christ died for us

b.      The wages of our sin is death, but the GIFT, the GRACE of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord

c.       Today is a good day to stop trying to live without Christ, and start following HIM


IV. Conclusion and Invitation


A.    God GAVE US His Laws

B.     GOD Actually Wrote the Laws

C.    God is a God OF Laws

D.    God is Serious About His Laws

E.     God’s Laws Prove Our Need for GRACE

F.     Will you believe in CHRIST’S righteousness?
Or will you still hold onto your failed attempts, and face God as a condemned sinner?