Show Me Thy Glory

The Need of Even the Strongest of Us

Exodus 33:12-23

April 19, 2015 PM

Pastor Craig Ledbetter

Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland


I.       Introduction (John 14:7-11)


A.    At this point in time, the disciples had lived with Jesus for 3 and ˝ years

B.     They had come to know Jesus intimately, and what they believed was fully

C.     But the more they got to know Jesus, the more they wanted to know Him more – and the more they did get to know Him, the more they wanted to know the Father. There was a spiritual hunger that was only satisfied when around Jesus

D.    To the surprise of the disciples, Jesus had been showing the glory of the father to them all along

E.     You see, Jesus knew what they needed all along – more than the miracles – it was the close and intimate walk with God!

F.      Moses discovered this way back in Exodus 33


II.    Background (Ex 33:12) - Moses, even though strong in faith needed something:


A.    More than Christian fellowship and Family


1.      This people, was God’s people – group of believers

2.      And they are GREAT! But they ain’t all I need when the going gets tough


B.     More than just day-to-day operations


1.      Moses was supposed to be “bringing up” the people from Egypt, to the Promised Land

2.      Moses got tired, and worn out

3.      He knew he needed someone helping with him – even though we have the Lord, we many times need human helpers, working alongside us – wife, husband, co-workers in the harvest

4.      But all of those tasks can become a burden without something more


C.     More than just knowing God knows you, and loves you


1.      Strange isn’t it? That knowing you are loved is wonderful

2.      But being loved from a distance won’t satisfy – that’s how it felt to Moses

3.      This Book tells me God knows me (John 10), and loves me (Gal 2:20)


D.    But there is something more we all need – something that every child of God desires – just as Moses does – actually four things


III. Message – The Need of Even the Strongest of Us (Exodus 33:12-23)


A.    To Know the Way of God (33:13) – His WAYS are NOT how WE would do things!


1.      Moses already knew God’s way of salvation – through the sacrifice of a substitute – Passover lamb. That was GREAT

2.      But, the child of God wants all the more to know:


a.       God’s way of LIVING EACH DAY – not just once off encounter

b.      God’s way through every trial and storm – always the best way

c.       God’s way of just being God

d.      CONTRAST: Have you ever met someone who you meet, and all they want is to tell you about THEM? The child of God meets Jesus, and wants Jesus to tell us about HIMSELF!


3.      God showed “His ways”, and they are MARVELLOUS, but they ignored them (Ps 103:7; 95:10) – and often, so do WE!

4.      To know God’s way is important so that we don’t constantly go against Him, and limit His work in us, and in the world around us!


B.     To Have the Presence of God (33:14,15; Heb 13:5; Mt 28:20)


1.      This is the clincher! Without God’s very presence, the way ahead is both futile, and empty

2.      Moses didn’t know what lay ahead – 40 more years of travel, battles with hateful enemies

3.      He just knew he couldn’t go on another day without experiencing God RIGHT THERE with him

4.      He therefore knew that he COULD go on, so long as God WAS with him


a.       That’s why you need to get to know Jesus as EMANUEL

b.      That’s why most of us on Monday are worthless as Christians – we live without God, and we hurt for it in the end!


5.      It is only THIS REALITY that differentiates Christians from the religious – the presence of God in each and every life – not a relic, or religious icon, but HIS peace!

6.      God’s presence gives rest along the way (Mt 11:28)

7.      It allows us to renew our strength when we have worn ourselves out (Isaiah 40:28-31)


C.     To Go Ahead and Be Different from the World (33:16)


1.      The thing that hinders us most is our fear of peculiarness (1Pet 2:9)


a.       Often, People don’t want to “go too far” you know – be fanatical

b.      This hesitation ends up hurting more Christians spiritually


1)      EX of rabbit hesitating to cross road – dead

2)      EX of Peter afraid of standing with Jesus, nearly kills him


2.      Every Christian needs to be different than the world – different by God’s design


a.       We sin against God when we go along with the fashions and fads, and attitudes, and actions without a thought of whether something is right to do or not!

b.      We grieve the Holy Spirit of God when we hide the light in our lives


3.      That’s why the Bible says over and over


a.       LET your light SO SHINE – LET it shine! Don’t cover it

b.      LET brotherly love continue – it is the supernatural thing to do now that you are a Christian

c.       Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom – it naturally takes hold – it is us who quickly move away from its work!

d.      All these will make you different, and it will be for the better!


D.    To See the Glory of God (33:17-19)


1.      Notice that when the child of God asks for something, God answers, not because we are great, or important – no! It is only because of His GRACE! He just loves to answer!

2.      Notice that God never tires of us asking for more – therefore, the Christian should NEVER tire of asking for more of what GOD offers everyone of us!


a.       He has asked for revelation

b.      Moses moves ahead, and asks for one more thing! To see God’s glory. To experience it, and to watch God just do something awesome, right in front of him!


3.      It is so necessary for the child of God to see God in his or her life (Heb 11:27)


a.       Is it possible – to see God in ALL His glory, and majesty?

b.      No – not in this body, and with these eyes

c.       Yet, BECAUSE we are human, and frail, we NEED a taste of what God is like every once in a while! Old time Christians called it “the breath of God”


4.      So, God takes Moses’ request and changes it to what it should have been


a.       Moses already saw a cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night

b.      Moses already heard a voice – EX: of talking to someone you love only and always by phone – would yearn to see their face!

c.       Moses did not need to see a bodily form or shape – would lead to idolatry

d.      No – God changes Moses’ understanding of his need


5.      The Glory of God is:


a.       The very goodness of God (Rom 2:4) To see God do good, when the devil is at work doing evil!

b.      The faithfulness of His name – Jehovah, the Promise Keeper – Jesus (Acts 4:12)

c.       The greatness of His GRACE and MERCY. Its’ because of God showing MERCY and not majesty, that sinful people get SAVED


IV. Application – So, How is God going to Answer this Request? (Ex 33:20-23)


A.    God invites us to come to a place (33:22)


1.      To a ROCK - protected

2.      Under the BLOOD – protected

3.      That place is IN JESUS (2Cor 5:17)


B.     God asks us to let everything pass by, and then He will show us as much of Himself as possible

C.     And it will be enough! Believe me!


V.    Conclusion


A.    Everyone of us need something more in our lives – and we do

B.     There is really only four things a Christian desperately needs after salvation


1.      To Know the Way of God, so that we don’t keep going against His work

2.      To Have the Presence of God – to have HIM, not just His promises, or His blessings

3.      To Be different from the world – stand upright, and proud to stand with Jesus

4.      To see the Glory of God – God at work