Bible Baptist Church News

June 2022

I love summer in Ireland. This Spring, the colours here have been probably THE most vibrant green I have ever seen. I am not joking! Photographs don’t do it justice! Ireland is the most beautiful country when the sun is out, and I get to live and serve here! Thank you, Jesus!

I am glad to report a gentleman named Brian S. got saved on June 2nd! He was a tough cookie so-to-speak, always skirting around the issues of sin in his own conscience, and whether he could actually just repent and believe the Gospel! One of the men here had been working on explaining the Gospel to him for weeks, so when I came along, it was fairly easy to convince him that now is the time to get saved, not ever tomorrow! And he did! Praise God! He is growing in his faith and is a joy to be around!

Our Annual Men’s Camp was at the end of April and was FANTASTIC! We only had space enough for 48 people, but somehow, miraculously, we had 68 people in attendance for the three days of preaching and fellowship!

In June, our Church celebrated its 28th Anniversary, and it was a treat! It has been two long years since we could have such a celebration, so it felt good! The church had 111 in attendance which was a great number considering a lot of factors, and the fellowship meal following was a time of great memories!

We have two big events coming up… Victory Youth Camp is a week away, and our Children’s Summer Bible Camp (the same as a Vacation Bible School) is in early August! We have put a lot of effort into planning and preparing for these two events, but we know it will be nothing without God’s blessing and presence! Pray for the young people here who are so used to growing up with no God, no hope, and no truth! I am so grateful someone gave me the Gospel when I was 17, and told me straight up I was headed for a devil’s hell if I didn’t repent and trust what Jesus did for ME on the cross! And, I am glad for Christians along the way that worked flat-out to teach me the Bible, and influence my life for God! I owe my sanity and joy to a thousand faithful people over the years, and I want to pass on the joys of the ministry to the next generation!

Well, that is about it for now. Pray for one another and let's stay faithful!

In Christ Always