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A Bible Believing, Bible Preaching, Bible Teaching Baptist Church located in every city, town and village throughout Ireland, led by a qualified Pastor/Leader in every church, and supported by well-trained teachers and elders.


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Cork Bible Institute is dedicated to the principle that local church training is God's best and most efficient means for the equipping of the preacher and the layman alike for the work of the ministry. Here at CBI we are prepared to offer college-level instruction for the preacher preparing for the pastoral ministry, as well as for the layman who seeks to prepare themselves to better minister the word of God in their church. Our programmes offer a convenient schedule of comprehensive Bible courses coupled with opportunities for practical involvement in various church ministries. It is ideal especially for men preparing for any aspect of the Gospel ministry. For others who simply want to further their Bible knowledge for the purpose of service in their local church, we also offer a laymen's programme.

The Cork Bible Institute is distinctively Baptist in its theology and practice. We believe the Bible is able to fully meet the spiritual needs of every individual (2 Timothy 3:16,17). We do not apologize for simply believing and living by the "faith once delivered to the saints" (Jude 1:3). If your desire is to be trained to better serve the Lord as a layman or to prepare for a full-time ministry, you should consider Cork Bible Institute.


Cork Bible Institute was established in 1999 to provide Christians with formal Bible training that is both practical, and effective in accomplishing our Lord’s command to evangelise our world. It was designed to help Pastors, Missionaries, Sunday School Teachers, Church Workers, Ushers, Deacons, Elders, Personal Workers, Soul Winners, Parents and all Laymen rightly divide the Word of Truth.

The Bible Institute we offer is a small training college where every student is developed to the utmost of his/her spiritual abilities. Some of the advantages of this arrangement are that a student is linked with a good local church where he/she can develop their abilities and potential. We provide a family atmosphere with close concern for each student. Our purpose is to help the student grow in true spiritual character while academically preparing him for Christian service.


Every student is directly involved in the starting and growing of local churches throughout the Cork and Munster area through the following weekly church related activities: soul-winning, preaching, training of new Christians in Discipleship, Teaching of Sunday School Classes, Helping out with and even leading Holiday Bible Clubs, Helping out with the running of Youth Camp, Participating in Men’s Retreats, Family Retreats, and the Music Ministry.


We have structured the possible learning times from the weekly schedule of both the Bible Institute and Church sessions to get the most hours each week in study and learning.

  • Saturday (9am – 12.30pm) is the main class teaching time.
  • Sunday AM – every student must take notes on the Sermon preached and turned in at the end of every Semester.
  • Sunday 5pm-6pm – Preacher Workshop.
  • Sunday PM – every student must take notes on the Sermon preached, or the Scripture passage taught and turned in at the end of every Semester.
  • Wednesday – There is a practical Verse by Verse Study of a Book, and students are encouraged to take notes for grading at the end of each Semester.


There are three levels of completion awards.

1.      Bible Diploma (BD):  Requires  the Completion of 400 hours of course study – 2 years of course study with an 80% overall grade.

2.      Graduate of Theology (Th.G) Degree: Requires the Completion of 618 hours – 3 ½ years of course study with an 85% overall grade. A written Graduation Thesis paper will be required to be written, and a Half year Internship working under your pastor, or an approved pastor and church.

3.      Associate in Missions (AIM) Degree: This is a diploma for those seeking to become church starters which has an advanced set of requirements beyond the Graduate of Theology Degree.