Cork Bible Institute Study Course Information

Bible Institute Course Prerequisites


The following are things you must have already accomplished in your Christian life in order to participate in this Institute Level study course:

  1. You must be a born again, Scripturally baptized, and faithful member of either Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig, or a nearby church of like faith and practice.

  2. You must either be an Irish National citizen, or live currently in Ireland.

  3. You must be ready to complete a systematic reading through of the Bible, from cover to cover.

  4. Completion of the First Principles Study Course. This is the Primary, or First Level of Bible Study that must be completed to the satisfaction of the Course Dean before you can commence into this second level of study. There are exceptions to this rule, but can only be obtained by the Course Dean's permission.

  5. You will need to personally attend three and a half hours every week in classes for two semesters a year, totalling 30 weeks a year.

Efforts Required for Each Bible Institute Class

  1. Class Notes - take notes in class of the materials presented - they will help you remember the information, both at the time of the course exam, as well as later in life.
  2. Research Paper - towards the end of many of the courses you will be asked to write a report on some aspect of the course under study.
  3. Series of Selected Memory Verses to be Memorized.
  4. Weekly Exam - during some of the courses, an exam will be given each week - the schedule of which subject, and how often will be explained at the beginning of the course.
  5. Good Attitude. Your attitude during the class will be taken into consideration for an over-all grade. Little or no interest will result in lower grades.
  6. Bible Reading Record. You must be reading your Bible everyday.
  7. No unexcused absences will be allowed.
  8. Only up to 3 excused absences will be allowed for any given semester.
  9. Faithful attendance at all church meetings and prayer meetings.

Weekly and Semester Study Schedules


A.     Classes will be held: 

1.      Every Saturday morning (9am - 12.30pm)

2.   The Sunday Evening meetings at Bible Baptist Church are expository studies through Books of the Bible and are part of the course. Students are required to take notes during the Bible Study Meeting, and to answer questions at the end of the Book's study for credit. Wednesday evening Bible study is also required for students to participate in, and to answer questions relating the Book at the end of its study for course credit.


B.     Fall Classes From September through early December

C.     Spring  Classes From January through June

D.     Breaks include 

1.      Resurrection week

2.      The month of December

3.      Summer Break July through August


Cost per Course
25 Euros per course unit, per semester, paid to the Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig upon enrolment


 The cost goes to pay for:


1.      Rent of Building

2.      Cost of printing, class supplies

3.      Cost of books required for each course - there may be an additional charge if books are more expensive



Efforts Required for Graduation


There are two levels of completion awards: a Bible Diploma, and a Graduate of Theology Degree (Th.G.). Each set of requirements are listed below.


A.     Bible Diploma


1.      Completion of 160 hours of course study approximately 2 years of course study

2.      The Bible must have been read through each year of course study

3.      80% overall grade is required for the course diploma award


B.     Graduate of Theology Degree


1.      Completion of 320 hours approximately 4 years of course study

2.      The Bible must have been read through each year of course study

3.      85% overall grade is required for the course degree award

4.      A written Thesis paper will be required to be written

5.      Half year Internship working under your pastor, or an approved pastor and church.


Bible Institute Course Prerequisites

Efforts Required for Each Bible Institute Class

Weekly and Semester Study Schedules

Efforts Required for Graduation

Print out an enrollment Application

Write to the Dean of Students for a Prospectus

Print out an enrolment Application

Write to the Dean of Students for a Prospectus