Application for Enrolment in the

Cork Bible Institute


A.      Classes will be held Every Saturday Morning (9am 12.30pm), unless otherwise changed

                     B.       Fall Classes From August through November

C.       Spring  Classes From January through April

D.      Summer Classes From May through July

E.       Breaks include


1.        Resurrection week

2.        The month of December


Currently, we do not accept oversees applications - all applicants must be resident in Ireland, and able to attend either
the Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig, or another local and acceptable Baptist Church. 

If the Institute is of interest to you, please fill out the following information about yourself, and hand it in to the Course Dean.


Full Name _____________________________________  Age ______  Birthdate ________________

Address __________________________________________________ Telephone _______________

E-Mail _______________________________    Salvation Date ____________    Baptized? Yes/No

Member of what Church? _____________________________________________________________

Date Completed First Principles Discipleship Course (or comperable course) _____________

Currently involved in what church ministries? _____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________


Please include on a separate sheet of paper your testimony of salvation.


Please indicate your acceptance of the following:

[__]  I agree to attend every scheduled class with the exception being only for emergencies

[__]  I believe the King James Bible to be the inerrant, Preserved Word of God


I intend to complete a course of study in at least the following areas:

    [__]  Basic Bible Doctrine - Two years of study course work

    [__]  Sunday School Teaching Preparation - Two years of study course work

    [__]  Pastor Training and Preparation - Four years of study course work