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You just don't what you're missing until you been along to one of our fun-filled, God-honouring activities! Some of these items and dates could change, so be sure to contact
Pastor Craig for final information.

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10.30am Church
5pm-6pm  Preacher's Workshop
4.45pm-5.30pm Choir Practice
6pm Church Alive
10am Twelve Weeks to Freedom
7pm Church-Wide Prayer Meeting
8pm Thru-the-Bible Study
7pm Twelve Weeks to Freedom
9am Cork Bible Institute
1pm Soul-Winning
7.00pm Teen Bible Study

Upcoming Church Schedule of Events
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Year of Our Lord 2016

Sunday, June 5, 10.30am

Graphics/bricks.jpgSpecial Church Service…

Building Good Memories
This Sunday will mark the start of a month-long celebration of the work God has done in the hearts of people in the Cork area through this Church! This morning we start with REMEMBERING, and making sure we never forget what God has done for us! Come and be challenged to Remember Well.
Monday, June 6, Noon to 4pm Church-Family Picnic
at Kilbrittain Beach
Our Annual Church Picnic is always a great time of fellowship, food and activities!  Come along hungry, and let’s have a great time as Church family! Click here for pictures of the event!
Sunday June 12th, 10.30am Graphics/Anniv_2016bs.jpg
Church 22nd Anniversary
We are celebrating our 22nd Anniversary as a Bible believing Baptist Church in Ballincollig! Since 1994, the Bible like no other book, has ministered to the spiritual needs of all people, young and old! The theme is, the Simplicity we find in Christ! I invite you and your family to come and make this day special! It will definitely be a blessing to you!
Saturday, June 18th from 2-3pm Nursing Home Ministry If you want to be a blessing to people, come along and sing with us at the Powder Mills Nursing Home, especially honouring the dads there on this special weekend. Come and sing to them! They love it!
June 19
Father's Day Today is a special day to honour the person in our homes that we call “Dad!” Bring your father with you as we honour him with the helpful truths of  God’s word! 
Sunday, June 26th, 10.30am   Graphics/Dampak-Balon-Gas-Bagi-Ekosistem-Laut.jpg
Balloon Sunday
This will be the final Sunday this month, dedicated to celebrating 22 years as a church. We will top off the month with a trip to the park where we will release over a hundred colourful balloons with a Gospel leaflet and invitation to church!
 July 16th, from Noon to 4pm

Children’s Church
Day Out at the FOTA Wildlife Park
All the children and their parents from our Children’s Church are invited to take a train ride from Cork to the FOTA Wildlife Park and enjoy an afternoon picnic, and fun at the Zoo! You need to sign-up at church. Grab a flyer for all the details!
July 27 –
August 9

Teen Evangelism and Youth Camp Trip in USA
Our teens are flying over to New York for 11 days of evangelism, youth camp, and ministry with the Faith Baptist Church in Eden, NY.

Tuesday – Friday
August 9-12

1:30pm  - 4pm
Children’s Bible Camp, Lost in the Jungle! Bible Camp is a week of fantastic games, activities, exciting Bible learning time, and much, much more! The challenges, memory-work and competitions will be an opportunity for team-building, and personal encouragement! This is a week like no other! The Camp as always, is FREE!

Tuesday – Friday
August 9-12

6:30pm - 9pm

Target the Heart

Teen Evangelism
This is an effort by our young people to reach their generation with the Gospel by going head to head and heart to heart with everyone they meet throughout Ballincollig. The evening activities will challenge everyone to live bigger than the world, and bold for Christ - and will be full of fun too!


Look What Else Is Happening
at Bible Baptist Church, in Ballincollig

Ladies’ Christian Fellowships

About Every Month


All the Ladies are invited to get together for a great time of fellowship!

Prayer Meeting
on Wednesday evenings,
just before the main Bible Study -
starts at 7pm

All are encouraged to come to pray together as a church. Will YOU come along and seek God’s power for our church and ministries?

This is our main time of prayer as a Church, and we gather and spend an hour learning of people’s needs, and then praying for those needs in small groups! Come, and learn that you can safely lean on the strength of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Following the prayer meeting time, we have a short Tea Break, and then we get down to the Bible Study time. We go through the Bible, verse by verse, and learn so much! Everyone grows as they learn this way!

Discipleship Training

First Principles Discipleship Course

We currently have 16 people involved in getting discipled (learning the Bible), and there is room for more to join in!

If you are interested in learning God's Book, the Bible, please contact Pastor Craig and make an evening available to study, and you will soon have the tools you need to live for the Lord Jesus Christ, who loved, you, and saved you, and wants to use you!

Discipleship - it's more than learning!

The Cork Bible Institute

Saturdays from 9am - 12.30pm

A third-level training institute, that prepares the Christian to serve the Lord better through intense learning of the Bible. Various courses are available that help the student to prepare to preach, pastor, teach, and grow in their faith. Open to the Public, but there is a small fee.

Teen Bible Study
Every Saturday evening
starting at 7.00pm

Time for fun, and fellowship for the teens in our church. This also is a key opportunity for the teens to invite their friends to hear the Gospel and get born again! It really is great being young and excited about the Lord!

Soul-Winning on Saturdays

Meet at the Activity Centre at 1pm

Every Saturday afternoon, at 1pm, for about an hour and a half, faithful Christians are presenting the Good News of the Gospel to people throughout the Cork area in order to see souls saved, and our generation reached. Will you help?

The fields are white unto harvest – so who is going to go and reach our generation with the great news of the Gospel if we don’t? Everyone young and old can win a soul if they would just go with a bit of training, and a lot of passion! Come out and start making a difference!

Children's Church Classes for all Ages

Creche for the youngest children
Young Boys (6-11 years old)
Young Girls (6-11 years old)
Teens (12-19 years old)

Twelve Weeks to Freedom

TWTF Outreach  - Friday Morning starting at 10.30am Meeting first at the Activity Centre
Main TWTF Meeting - Friday evening at 7pm in the Activity Centre

Music Ministries

Church Choir
Men's Singing Group
Ladies Praise
Teen Choir

The Missing Piece

 The only thing that could be missing in all the planning,
all the goal setting, all the activities of our church, and all the outreaches,

 Make sure you make this church… YOUR CHURCH!

For more information concerning any of the above events, Email Us ,

or ring (021) 487-1234,    From the US, ring: 011-353-21-4871234