Meet the People
of Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig, Cork

Below are just a few of the wonderful folks you will meet if you attend church in
Ballincollig! Let them tell you just what the Lord Jesus did for them!

Pastor Craig Ledbetter

Nita L.

Martin M.

Denis L.

Paul L.

Marlene L.

Kevin O'K

Eileen OK.

Bill D.

Geraldine D

Tony M.

Dina M.

John M

Ruth M

Lily G.

Celine O'C

Graham D
Gina D

Jim F

David M

Leo L

Pat L

Daniel E

Kathy E

Johan and Louisa vdw

Barry K

Mona M.

Marcus L.

Eddie B

Tes B

Tunde J

Kemi J

Hannes O

Amanda O

Johann O

Basie O

Sean L

Andreas & Darlene E.
Weston G.

Kathleen C

Maryanne O

Dean O

Wendy O

Mick M

Emrio F

Marcus L

Judith M

Dermot M

Eric M

Alison M

Kim O

Scott O

Ken E

Mabel E

Edward A

Amy A

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