Testimony of Bill D

For many years I believed I was a Christian, but when failing to link evolution with the Bible, I drifted away from my belief in it. Then for some years I became involved with Scientology. I accepted it because it seemed to work, at least at the lower levels. Luckily for me, by keeping an open mind and reading books like “From Witchcraft to Christ” by Dorien Irwin, I saw that there was a darker side (The Devil) who wanted to deceive people, or keep them from being Saved. After looking into various religions I could see that this deception was happening even within some of the accepted religions.

I asked God in prayer to direct me to the truth and the doors began to open. One book I read was “Evidence Which Demands A Verdict” by Josh McDowell. After reading this book I became aware of how unique the Bible really is. I established that the King James Version IS the Word of God. Then one night at a friend’s home, I met someone who impressed me with his knowledge of the Bible. He is now my pastor; Craig Ledbetter. For three years of Bible study I plagued him with questions. Finally I accepted the simple truth of salvation, and one night three years ago, I accepted in full belief I was a sinner condemned to Hell and asked God’s forgiveness and accepted that Christ paid the penalty for me. I will never forget the peace I received that night. I have a long way still to go to be able to call myself a proper Christian, but I am working on that knowing that I am born again in Christ.

Bill D