Geraldine D’s Testimony


I come from a devout Catholic family. I live in a country so steeped in the catholic tradition that even as I was making a break, the grip was strong enough to, often times, leave me questioning my own sanity and sense of Judgment.
The Lord really began working in my life when I read the book, “The Gospel According to Rome”, in the summer of 1995. Shocking reality further hit me when listening to a American preacher who clearly outlined that it certainly would not be of works, that I, or any man would be saved. I now saw the real face of the catholic system.
When Pastor Craig Ledbetter came knocking on a friends door, delivering tracts, an opportunity developed for regular Bible study classes to which I was invited. Since then, my fiancé Bill Daunt and I have had those classes and it has enriched our relationship beyond words.
But the ultimate blessing came from the Lord on October 22nd 1995, when I finally said goodbye to the catholic stronghold and surrendered totally to my mighty and wonderful creator. His blessings have never stopped. The Lord has given me the Bible Baptist Church in Ballincollig, where Craig has made a haven to go to learn and love the Lord more and more.
Words from my favourite hymn.... “softly and tenderly Jesus is calling... calling oh sinner come home”, captures the burden that is now in my heart for all those lost because they won’t take time to listen.