Bible Baptist Church News

April 2022

I am so glad for three things: That Jesus saved me, called me to preach, and that everything done for Him is worth it all! I am blessed beyond measure to be healthy and able to serve the Lord preaching the Gospel here in Cork, Ireland! The church here is doing well, and the Gospel is getting out to people!

We hosted a Pastor’s Fellowship Meeting in February. Twelve missionary families from all over Ireland gathered together in our church for some great preaching and precious fellowship! About 20 of our own people joined with us and we all were refreshed!

Our Patrick’s Day Parade Witness! Well, we as a church did our best in preparation for being in the local Patrick’s Day Parade. We built an old western covered wagon, and rented a horse, and then stood in line to walk down our main road in Ballincollig to a crowd of about 25,000 people! We were advertising our Children’s Summer Bible Camp, and our Church to that crowd. Unfortunately, the horse didn’t want to wait for us, and went ahead of us, but we went on through the parade with nothing but the Gospel blazed from our signs! We had a great time, and the Lord was honoured!

Our yearly Christian Men’s Camp is in just 1 week! This is a big event, that we have planned for over two years for! We will delve into the life of Daniel unlike most, and see what it meant when the Bible said that he had “an excellent spirit” in him! See Daniel 6:3!

I know it is something we all pray for and talk about, but, I would ask you to pray for revival here. I get discouraged at the way people are so spiritually cold. I remember when I got saved, and I wonder what happened to the world? (Well, I know exactly what happened, but it just saddens me that the world is ever farther from the Bible. Even though I am excited about the soon return of my great God and Saviour Jesus Christ, I grieve because I know where most people are blindly heading. So, I covet you praying for me, and for our church here to do more than grieve over the godless culture around us, and actually turn it to God before it is too late!

Well, that is about it for now. Pray for one another and let's stay faithful!

In Christ Always