Bible Baptist Church News

August 2022

As things are kind of quieting down just before Christmas, I spend this time of the year praying and preparing for next year’s events and outreaches and ministries. I am finishing up our year-long verse-by-verse study through the Book of Acts, and have to admit, it was one of my favourite preaching series yet! All next year we will work through the Book of Romans! Such treasure, found in such truths – I can’t wait for January!

I am so excited that our church here just took on a new missionary family for Support! They are missionaries FROM Italy, who are starting a church IN Italy! Hallelujah! THAT is how Europe will be reached in the future – by its own people!

I got to attend a Camp Meeting in Scotland in October. It was such a refreshing time for me to meet up with a lot of other missionaries and their families over in Scotland! The preaching and fellowship was a great encouragement to me, and I got to preach as well! I am so grateful for every ministry that ministers to the ministers!

Our Group Discipleship Class has started up on Sunday mornings. Many people arrive to church an hour before it starts, and we are working through my First Principles Discipleship course as a group. The study course was written to be done one-on-one, but works in a group as well. I just make sure I ask plenty of questions, and allow plenty of questions back! It is exciting to see so many new couples, and young men and women hungry for systematic, strong Bible teaching

Our October 31st “Light The Night” Church Service was great! 70 of our church people and their children gathered and forgot about all the darkness outside (both spiritually and physically)! Every year we encourage one another to SHINE by our lives, our homes, and our words! And we have a lot of fun when we are together!

Our church is holding a Week of Prayer together every night this week. As I write this Prayer Letter, our church is meeting together to pray for more PRAY-ers (for more people to pray)! Every Christian WANTS to pray, but few actually do. So, we are praying for pray-ers! And we are looking forward to God drawing our hearts closer to Him, since that only happens WHEN we pray!

Upcoming Events we can all pray about… 1) Our Church Christmas Carolling and tracting in Ballincollig. 3) Jonathan H has been diagnosed with serious cancer and has started treatment – he needs a miracle! 4) And Stephen G just found out HE has cancer in his face. Please ask God for a miracle to graciously heal him!

May the Lord grant us all a great door of opportunity to preach and turn this generation to God, no matter what adversaries we may face in 2023!

In Christ Always