Bible Baptist Church News

July 2021

The state of things in Ireland and Europe.

As predicted, the Covid “digital passport” is being rapidly implemented across Europe. Intense restrictions are being put into place for anyone not complying with vaccination. It is so sad that the kind of Europe that came out of World War II has been quite deliberately changed from freedom to fear, and no matter how many people get the vaccine, the variants will keep coming, and the governments will continue to abuse their powers in preparation for the coming Tribulation. I am so glad to be listening for the shout (1Thessalonians 4:16), but grieve that so many people are looking to men for their freedoms, instead of looking to Jesus! This all means that Gospel ministry here is only going to get harder to do, but it only proves that the Gospel ministry is needed more than ever.

Church News.

Church attendance is about 75% of what it should be, but we have a great spirit and are committed to growing our outreach and our influence here with the Gospel! We continue to develop our church building and are using it more and more for so many things as a church family. It feels good being together again! And the best news is that two of my grandchildren here in Ireland have gotten saved just this month!

Big Evangelistic Effort...

Our Summer Bible Camp runs August 2-6! We took the idea from Answers in Genesis and wrote up our own program, and it is going to be great! On Mystery Island, the children will discover there really is a God in heaven who made them, loves them and died to save them! They will discover they are more than a body – they are a soul, made in God’s image! They will discover what eternal life is like, and what treasures are found in the Bible; and they will discover how to defeat their fiercest enemy, the devil! Would you pray for this week of teaching and fun for children?

So, We Just Keep Going.

Sunday Preaching, Weekly Discipleships, Children’s Church, evangelism in downtown Cork City, and our Children’s Summer Bible Club! I am always humbled and grateful for all that the Lord allows us to do for Him!

Some things to Pray about...

1) Our Bible Club starting next week – for good weather and kids to understand the Gospel and get saved!
2) For several families that recently started attending – to get saved and get discipled!

Until Next Time,
God bless you as you serve the King of kings!