Men’s Spiritual Retreat 2004 
Killarney, Co. Kerry

The Theme of the retreat is the Study of the life of Noah

“And Noah Walked With God.” (Genesis 6:9)

Here are the Men of This year's Men's Retreat in Killarney, Ireland

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What To Bring What to Expect What To Do
Last Year's Men's Retreat Directions Schedule

WHEN: It will be held from Thursday evening (13th May) through to Saturday afternoon (15th May).
Last year we had 42 men and teens come and be changed by practical preaching and godly fellowship!  

Below are the message Subjects that will be preached and the men who will be preaching! Pray that they will bless, stir, and change us into more Faithful Men!

The Greatness of God’s Grace Craig Ledbetter
Walking With God – How to Walk with God John Crabbe
Doing the Impossible, Always By Faith – For Noah, building an immense Ark – for us, doing what God has called US to do! Dan Pero
Noah, a Preacher of Righteousness – God give us the courage to get back to preaching righteousness! Kevin O'Keeffe
How to Stand Alone – even when the whole world is against God – the high cost, and great rewards of living for Jesus Daryl Kopp
Prepare for the Next Wave – Noah prepared for the flood, but was ill-prepared for the “wave” of attack that followed! Derry O'Sullivan
Noah Did Save His Family  - Noah had his priorities right, even though he had little to show for it! Craig Ledbetter

The main Scripture verse will be from Hebrews 11:7 “By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.”

The purpose of the men's retreat is for the men in our churches to be under direct and clear preaching about serving God, and being Godly leaders in our churches. It will be at events like this that our men could hear God's call to preach!

Every man will be blessed just by the fellowship with other men of like heart, not to mention the great preaching and singing!

Weather permitting, there will be Mountain Climbing, baseball, soccer, some soul-winning in Killarney, as well as prayer times, fellowship, and lots of food!

Costs will be based on how many nights you can stay, and therefore how much FOOD each person eats. So, plan on about 30 euro per person (it may be less but it is a good number to hold to).

Teens, and even younger boys are allowed to come as long as their father is with them, or as along as their pastor takes responsibility for them.

Booking is first-come, first serve, so make your plans and get back to me as soon as you can with the number of men coming, and when you plan on arriving.

If you can come Thursday evening, and can stay, you will surely get a FULL CUP! But if you can only drive down on Friday, you still will be changed by the preaching!

Please pray about being able to come, and let me know soon!

We believe the King James Bible, and all preaching will be from the King James Bible!


Any questions, just telephone, or write me back!



Craig Ledbetter
Bible Baptist Church, Blarney, Ireland

Tel: (021) 4871234   or,  087-276-6764

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What To Bring

Bible, pen or pencil for note-taking

Pillow, sheets, and blankets, or sleeping bag

Bath towel, washcloth, soap, shampoo


Hill-Walking shoes

Any sports equipment that you can bring (including a baseball glove if you have it)

Change of Clothes

€30 each person


What to Expect

Easily, expect to have a great time where you will be worn out, and yet very blessed by the preaching, the hiking, the eating, and the fellowship!

What To Do

Contact Pastor Craig Ledbetter and tell him you are coming, and how many with you, and when you plan on arriving.


Directions to the Muckross Venture Centre in Killarney, which is a Hostel we rent out for the retreat (my mobile number if you get lost is 087-276-6764):

If you want to take the train, let me know, and someone will plan on meeting you at the train station in Killarney and picking you up - but you MUST let me know!


From Dublin:

Take the N7 to Limerick

In Limerick take the N21 going West through Castleisland, until you get to Farranfore.

At Farranfore, take the N22 going South into Killarney

Once in Killarney, it will be easiest if you just ask for directions to the Muckross National Park.

On your way to the Muckross National Park, just 1 mile from the entrance of the Park, will be a small shop on the left on a bend in the road. Just behind the shop will be what looks like a small church. That is the Muckross Venture Centre.

From Cork:

Take the N22 (Macroom road) through Macroom, all the way into Killarney

Once in Killarney, it will be easiest if you just ask for directions to the Muckross National Park.

On your way to the Muckross National Park, just 1 mile from the entrance of the Park, will be a small shop on the left on a bend in the road. Just behind the shop will be what looks like a small church. That is the Muckross Venture Centre.


This can change, but is probably a pretty close approximation of the events of the Retreat


Time  Duration  Main Function                             Support Function


6:00pm   30min     Arrive at Camp, Unpack                Prepare Snacks

7:00pm   1 hour    Dinner (Spaghetti, Garlic Bread)

8:00pm   30min     Break, Sports Time                        Clean-up

8:30pm   1 hour    First Session – The Greatness of God’s Grace – Bro Craig Ledbetter

9:30pm   1 hour    Snack (Tea, Coffee, Sandwiches)

10:30pm 45min     Bonfire, Testimony Time, Singing, and Popcorn Preaching

11:30pm 45min     Break Time

12:15am 7:15hrs   Sleep                                            


7:30am   1:00hrs   Wake-Up, Read Bible & Take Shower            Prepare Breakfast

8:30am   45min     Breakfast (Eggs, Sausage, and Cereal)

9:15am   15min     Break                                            Clean-up

9:30am   45min     Second Session – How to Walk With God – Bro Crabb

10:15am 30min     Prepare Bag Lunches

10:45am 45min     Testimony Time, and Popcorn Preaching

11:30pm 5:00hrs   Hiking and Hill Walking (bag lunch)

4:30pm   30min     Break                                            Prepare Dinner

5:00pm   1hour     Dinner (Roast Chicken)

6:00pm   30min     Break                                            Clean-Up

6:30pm   1 hour    Third Session – Conquering Our Imaginations - Craig Ledbetter

7:30pm   45min     Dessert, Tea and Coffee

8:15pm   1hour     Sports Time (Outdoor)

9:15pm   45min     Fourth Session – A Preacher of Righteousness - Kevin O’Keeffe

10:00pm 15min     Break                                              

10:15pm 45min     Fifth Session - Standing Alone – Daryl Kopp

11:00pm 45min     Break Time

11:45pm 30min     Evening Quiet Time

12:15am 7:15hrs   Sleep                                            


7:30am   1:00hrs   Wake-up, Read Bible & Take Showers           Prepare Breakfast

8:30am   45min     Breakfast (Eggs, Porridge and Cereal) - Share Devotions

9:15am   15min     Break                                               Clean-up

9:30am   45min     Sixth Session – Doing the Impossible – Dan Pero

10:15am 1hr         Pondering the Principles

12:45pm 15min     Break                                               Prepare Lunch 

1:00pm   45min     Lunch (Sandwiches)

1:45pm   45min     Seventh Session – Noah Did Save His Family – Craig Ledbetter

2:30pm                 Pack-up, Clean-up, Leave for Home