Menís Spiritual Retreat 2003

24th - 26th April, 2003

Theme: Being Faithful Men!  

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Our cooks are the best! Slaving over the hot stove - and we didn't hurt for it!

But you had better not interfere  with those in the kitchen - they can be fiesty!

Great attitudes all around

Can we sing? You bet!

Testimony time! Denis S tells about getting saved!

Kevin B gives his testimony

Joe M tells about how the Lord Jesus Christ saved his lost soul!

Bro John Crabb going for our hearts!

Kevin Daly preaching!

The messages were the best yet!

Going up the side of the mountains of the Gap of Dunloe!

1,000 feet, and still climbing! Ain't it beautiful?

Gotta rest - yep, we gotta rest!

Oh where oh where has my little Dad gone? Oh where, oh where could he be?

Some of the crew who made it to the top, the HARD WAY!

All of us at about 2,000 feet

The chef's in full swing!

The ladies from Bible Baptist Church, Blarney join us for evening dinner! What a blessing!

Maybe that tea was a bit sour!

More singing!

We had 15 young people come this year, and they loved it!

Martin M. preaching on how to conquer our pride before we can reach the Irish!

Pastor Derry O'Sullivan preaching on Christians not getting offended!

Time for some sports!

Pastor Fulton preaching on us all decreasing, and boy did he make sure we learned it!

All around, it was a super-natural meeting! AMEN!