Men’s Spiritual Retreat 2004 
Killarney, Co. Kerry

The Theme of the retreat is the Study of the life of Noah

And Noah Walked With God.” (Genesis 6:9)

We had SUCH a great time!

See the Real-Audio video of message, "Noah Saved His family!"

Pictures are being uploaded as soon as possible - stay tuned!

Fixing our World-Famous Spaghetti Dinner!

Wes is HUNGRY!

Look Ma! Teens DO Do Dishes!

Bro Dan leading the singing!

Bonfire - testimonies and great felloship

So, how do you like our 1/2 Star Hotel Accommodations?

Sleep? What's THAT?

Hallelujah - BREAKFAST and another day for the Lord!

John Crabbe preaching on Walking with God

Heading up the Gap

Some of the men went up the ROUGHER side of the mountain

Lee lost his shoe!

At the TOP!

Curry Chicken Dinner

Kevin preaching on Being Preachers of Righteousness!

Daryl Kopp preaching on Standing Alone

Dan Pero preached on Doing the Impossible - By faith!

Oops! Couldn't get in the picture fast enough!

There! That's better!

See you all, and more NEXT YEAR!