Irish Missions

Who Cares for Ireland?


·         Population – reaching nearly the 3.8 million mark! It will be over 4.5 million in the next 5-10 years!

·         Cities

o         Only between 50 and 100 cities and villages in Ireland have any kind of Gospel preaching church at all

o         There are over 2,000 completely unreached villages and towns in Ireland

·         Languages

o         95% of all Irish people are English speaking

o         Who is reaching the Gaelic speaking people? Over 30% of the irish people can read and speak some of the Irish language.

·         People Groups

o         95% are Settled, and live in homes, while the remainder live in campers and caravans, travelling around the country and Europe.

o         Is anyone willing to GO and tell the Travellers about a city, made without hands?

·         The Rural Areas

o         Most of the population are moving to the cities - especially Dublin!

o         But, how do we reach the people who have only a Pub for a life?

·         The Religious

o         Roman Catholic represent about 80% of the population (less than 50% attend church though currently)

o         Unsaved Protestants make up about 10% (very few attend church at all)

o         Atheists are growing in number because of changes in the world

o         Agnostics will soon be the majority before they move into Eastern relignions

·         The Un-Churched

o         A growing number of people in Ireland don’t go to ANY kind of a church

o         These people will only stay in “limbo” for a while

o         They will end up in a cult, or just go back to the same old way of life and faith as before, but with no rhyme or reason to life than before!


WHAT WE (Including YOU) CAN DO  

(See also the Opportunities Page)

1.      Become faithful here – really faithful: to church, praying for our missionaries, and to giving!

2.      Produce fruit here – each one of us, win one soul to Christ this year!

3.      Prepare to be leaders – come Sunday evenings, Wednesday evenings, get into Discipleship, and even in the Bible Institute!

4.      Step out by faith into other towns and communities as we have done already in Mallow!

5.      Support Missionaries in other countries as well (Acts 1:8)!

6.   Pray for our missionaries that we financially support