Opportunities to Serve

in the Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig,

and/or Mallow

There are many ways a person could help in the labours here in Ireland. We operate by faith in the command of our Lord Jesus Christ, to preach the Gospel to every creature. It is the most exciting life a person can live, especially knowing that our labours will never be in vain (1 Corinthians 15:58; Galatians 6:9).

Missionary Internships

There is always room for more Bible Believing Baptist Missionaries here in Ireland! I welcome you to come and visit and see hundreds of thousands of lost folks, lost in their religion, and now, even more lost in their new materialism! Especially down here in the Cork and West Cork area! Click HERE for more information about the mission field of Ireland!

The Ledbetter family would welcome missionaries who would like to have some first hand experience in an English speaking mission field! The following things would need to be addressed before Internship would be accepted:

1)  The Intern needs to be fully supported for the duration of their labours here in Ireland. Inexpensive housing would be obtained, but cannot be promised. It is getting very expensive to live in Ireland. The cost of a person living in Ireland serving with us would probably be in the range of about $700 - $1,000 a month per adult.

2)  The Intern will need to review our statement of faith and practice and agree to it.

3)  The Intern must be willing to work. There will be time for sight-seeing and fun, but the ministry is a lot of work, and has eternal value when souls get saved, and discipled!

4)  The Intern finally must be willing to be part of a Team. Christ sent out His labourers in small groups - teams. Throughout the Bible, God used pairs of men, and groups of men to accomplish His purpose.

Church Secretary

We are in need of a full-fledged church secretary, that is dedicated to serving the Lord as a Bible believing, born-again, child of God, wanting others here in Ireland to hear and learn the Gospel! The work load is not that much, but is more than Pastor Craig can take care of by himself. Currently, there probably are two days a week worth of work for someone to do for both churches (Ballincollig and Mallow), but as we get more organized, the amount of work for the Lord will only increase, and the results will only be greater! We are praying that someone would join our team and help us win more souls and train them for Christ! Is that someone YOU?


The first and most important thing that can happen to somebody is to be saved by the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross! The second most important thing that can happen is for that saved individual to lead another person to Christ!

Our church is committed to winning souls and discipling them into Christian maturity so that they can win someone else for the Lord!

If you would like to learn how to soul-win, or to help us train others to soul-win here in Ireland, come along! Soul-winning is to be both a natural events in the course of a person's life, just being a light, and salt in the world, but is also a scheduled event that goes out into the highways and hedges and compels people to come to Jesus Christ as sinners and claim the gift of eternal life that awaits them by faith!


Once a person gets born again, they need a lot of attention and care - that's where a discipler comes in. He or she helps the new Christian grow by personally teaching them the First principles of growth in the word of God. We have the Discipleship Course - we just always need people willing to learn how to teach it! Also, we need help in getting the discipleship Book published - currently we have printed over 400 copies on our computer printer, and hand-collated them, and could use a less expensive booklet to give out. Pray with us about finding a good publisher to do the work!

Sunday School Teachers

The foundational work of a pastor is done by the Sunday School teachers, who selflessly give of their time in teaching young and old alike the Bible! The pastor can then focus his messages not just on informing people, but on developing people, who once they know the truth, want somebody to show them how to live the truth!

We need Sunday School teachers who will work along side the pastor to train especially young people in the whole counsel of God, from his word!

Christian School Teachers

We have plans to have a Christian School someday - and if the Lord should lead, we could always use a committed Christian teacher who would know of God's call in their life, and be ready to pioneer a School that would stand for Christian character, Bible-based education, and academic achievement!

Bible Institute

Our Bible Institute exists to train our young men and their wives to serve the Lord as Pastors, Church Starters, Missionaries, Sunday School Teachers, and Christian Workers in the ministry. There is a need for a School Secretary (part time work that can be combined with being the Church Secretary), an additional Institute Teacher/Instructor, and for Bible Institute level teaching materials to be provided.

The Future

The future here in the Cork area includes a vision of us building our own church building, and the start of a Christian School, and many full-time ministries! If God has given you a kindred vision, and a heart for winning the Irish to Christ, then please contact us, and let's see what God can do! Te areas where new churches are planned to be started include: Macroom, Killarney, Youghal, Kinsale, Kanturk, Fermoy and beyond! The plans are in place - we are putting together the people, and the places are waiting... will you come help us?

Team Projects

Here are some ideas and plans that we have for soul-winning blitzes that we have regularly here in Ireland. I have an entire page dedicated to my vision for the Team Concept of church planting if anyone is interested!!!

  • Soul-winning Blitzes

  • Door to door evangelism - this goes on every week

  • The use of Religious Surveys - we use this to gauge the spiritual awareness of the people, and to open up opportunities to tell them of Christ

  • Street Meetings




           Tract Distribution

           Handing out specially printed balloons with the Gospel

  • Special Meetings during the week, culminating on Sunday Theme based

           Preach on The Family

           Preach on Prayer

           Preach on Revival

  • Holiday Bible Clubs (Puppets, Teaching, Crafts, Activities, Prizes, Skits) - during July

  • Singles Activities (activities just for the singles in our churches)

           Hill-walking, and dinner in Waterford

           Mizen head Walk, and dinner

  • Teen-Specific Projects

           Tract and Testimony Targeting use teens to target other teens to witness to

           Help with Holiday Bible Clubs (VBS)

           All night teen activities

  • Friend Day (Puppets, Prizes, Preaching, Special Dinner on the grounds)

  • Balloon Sunday (Emphasis on getting the Gospel out)

  • Church Anniversaries (Singing, Dinner on the Grounds, Puppets)

           Ballincollig 2nd Sunday of June

           Mallow 3rd Sunday of June (which is usually Father's Day)

  • Youth Camp in Bandon August

  • Ladies Retreat (would need several mature ladies to come to lead this meeting)

  • Church Camp 2nd week in August

People Who have Helped Us in the past, or are currently Involved in our Ministry

Joy Barley from Tennessee

Andrew Day from Michigan

People on their way to Help!