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from Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland

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MONTH and Memory Verse Preaching Message from the Word of God (PDF) Audio Link Video Link
January Memory Verse Forgetting - Part 1 MP3 Video
Intro to the Gospel of Mark MP3
Forgetting - Part 2 MP3 Video
Mark 1:4 MP3  
Reaching Forth MP3 Video
Mark 1:4-8 MP3 Video
Press On! MP3 Video
Does Water Save? MP3 Video
February Memory Verse Managing What We Have for the Master MP3 Video
John the Baptist Meets Jesus MP3 Video
Managing Your Money for the Kingdom of God MP3 Video
Can We Do More? - Missionary Stefan Calin MP3  
Pressing On in Spite of Failure MP3 Video
Jesus is Led of the Spirit MP3 Video
Falling Yet Not Failing MP3 Video
Jesus Confronts Devis and Diseases MP3 Video
March Memory Verse Jesus' Burden for the Lost MP3 Video
The Strength Behind Jesus' Ministry MP3 Video
Acts 1:8 Christians MP3 Video
Let's See Your Faith MP3 Video
When God Knocks On Earth's Door MP3 Video
Unfeigned Faith MP3 Video
The Priority of Prayer MP3 Video
April Memory Verse Lessons of the Betrayal MP3 Video
When Everything Changed! MP3 Video
Waiting on the Lord - Part 1 MP3 Video
Waiting on the Lord - Part 2 MP3 Video
May Memory Verse Overcoming Temptation - Part 1 MP3 Video
Overcoming Temptation - Part 2 MP3 Video
Run for Your Life MP3 Video
Jesus Keeps Good Company MP3 Video
Called to Repent MP3 Video
June Memory Verse We Really ARE More Than Conquerors MP3 Video
The Christian's New Normal MP3 Video
I Write Unto You Fathers MP3 Video
Why Most Christians Aren't Conquering Anything! MP3 Video
July Memory Verse Pressing On As a Good Soldier - Part 1 MP3 Video
Pressing On As a Good Soldier - Part 2 MP3 Video
Pressing On As a Good Soldier - Part 3 MP3 Video
Pressing On As a Good Soldier - Part 4 MP3 Video
August Memory Verse I Can All Things Through Christ MP3 Video
What Can 'I' Do? MP3 Video
Gideon's 300 MP3 Video
The Truth About Baptism MP3 Video
September Memory Verse God is Greater Than Our Hearts MP3 Video
Understanding Condemnation - John Mahony MP3 Video
The Brasen Serpent - John Mahony MP3 Video
God is Greater Than Our Hearts - Part 2 MP3 Video
October Memory Verse Limiting Our Liberties - Part 1 MP3 Video
Limiting Our Liberties - Part 2 MP3 Video
Our Blessed Hope - Part 1 MP3 Video
Our Blessed Hope - Part 2 MP3 Video
November Memory Verse Finishing Well - Part 1 MP3 Video
Finishing Well - Part 2 MP3 Video
Finishing Well - Part 3 MP3 Video
Finishing Well - Part 4 MP3 Video
Finishing Well - Part 5 MP3 Video
December Memory Verse Christmas Presence - Part 1 MP3 Video
Christmas Presence - Part 2
The Signs of Emmanuel
MP3 Video
A Better Joy MP3 Video
Practicing the Presence of God MP3 Video
Living in the Kingdom of God - 2019
Building and Battling - 2018

Mighty to Save - Theme about the Gospel for all of 2017
Study through

the Book of Colossians

Whatever Happened to Love
2016 Church Theme

Church Theme for 2015...
Living by God's Grace

2014 - Living by Faith

2013 - A Ready Church
Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Cork
Meeting in the Westgate Foundation
next to Oriel House Hotel, Ballincollig
at 10.30am and at 6pm         Wednesdays 7-9pm
(021) 4871234