from the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah


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Study through

the Book of Colossians

MONTH and Memory Verse Preaching Message from the Word of God Audio Link Video Link
  Does Anyone care Enough to Rebuild?  MP3 Video
Rebuilding the Place of Prayer MP3 Video
What God Can Do MP3 Video
When is Faith, Not Faith? MP3 Video
How Will You Respond in 2018? (Andrew Day) MP3
What Do You Want To Do? MP3 Video
The First Steps Are the Best MP3 Video
Choose Life! Protecting the Right of the Unborn to Live Life MP3 Video
Since God Will, Therefore We Will
Nehemiah 2:20
MP3 Video
Questions and Answers MP3  
Some Surprises in Heaven MP3 Video
Now That You Are Sure You're Saved
Colossians 3:1-4
A Mother Who Was Larger Than Life
Exodus 1,2
MP3 Video
A Mother's Example (Andrew Day) MP3
The Start of Rebuilding
Overcoming the Discouragement That Keeps You From Rebuilding  (Nehemiah 2:17-3:1)
MP3 Video
Where to Begin MP3 Video
What in the World Happened Today? MP3 Video
Wall to Wall Workers - Part 1 MP3 Video
Wall to Wall Workers - Part 2 MP3 Video
I Am Not Ashamed MP3
Missionary to the Deaf - Jim Sloan MP3 Video
Wall to Wall Workers - Part 3 MP3 Video
The Enemies of the Christian MP3 Video
Arming the Saints MP3 Video
What Keeps Us Going? MP3
The Good Fight - Dan Eberly MP3 Video
Do All to the Glory of God - Barry Keating MP3
As Jesus Passed By MP3 Video
What Good is it Being a Father? MP3 Video
Do Your Best to Be Last MP3
What Speaks Louder Than Words? MP3 Video
Service to the Lord - Stewart Gragg MP3
What a Christian Husband's Love Should Look Like MP3 Video
What a Christian Husband's Love Should Look Like - Part 2 MP3 Video
What a Christian Husband's Love Should Look Like - Part 3 MP3 Video
Gates That Matter MP3 Video
Bible Verse Taking Jesus' Prayer Request Seriously MP3 Video
What Does the Gospel Cost Us? MP3 Video
Is There Something Missing in Your Life? - Layton Kelly MP3 Video
When Missions Matters - Declan Flanagan MP3 Video
Caring About All Nations    
September Memory Verse Examine Yourselves - Dan Knickerbocker MP3 Video
Things I Fear as a Christian - Dan Knickerbocker MP3
Building a Better Priesthood MP3 Video
God's Greatest Building Project MP3 Video
Can God Use Me? - Jim Sloan MP3
Cleansing God's Temple MP3 Video
Are You a Faithful Servant? Jim Sloan MP3
The Thief's Last Request - Andrew Day MP3 Video
It's Going to Be Ok - Dan Eberly MP3
October Memory Verse Israel is God's Beloved MP3 Video
The Special Place of the Jews (Romans 9) MP3
With God All Things Are Possible - Andrew Day MP3 Video
Be Not Afraid - Andrew Day MP3
Five Undeniable Truths About Israel MP3 Video
The Need of Israel MP3
Our Responsibilities to the Jewish People MP3 Video
The Future of Israel MP3
October Memory Verse Building the People Who Built the Walls MP3 Video
The Christian Home Begins with Christian Marriage - Pt. 1 MP3
Church As It Ought to Be - Part 1 MP3 Video
The Christian Home Begins with Christian Marriage - Pt. 2 MP3
Church As It Ought to Be - Part 2 MP3 Video
Trusting God in Life's Difficulties - Andrew Day MP3
Behold My Servant MP3 Video
How to Keep Serving the Lord MP3
Let's Finish What We Started MP3 Video
The Most Expensive Gift MP3
The Promised Child - Andrew Day MP3 Video
A Giving Heart MP3
Letting GOD Finish What He Started MP3 Video
How to Make Good Memories at Christmas MP3
What Child is This? MP3
Vision Sunday MP3 Video
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Mighty to Save - Theme about the Gospel for all of 2017
Study through

the Book of Colossians
Study of Cults
"Dangerous Faiths"

Whatever Happened to Love
Church Study Theme for 2016

Church Theme for 2015...
Living by God's Grace

2014 - Living by Faith

2013 - A Ready Church

2012 - It's Worth It!