A Study on What Cults Believe... and How to Answer Them!
2016 Sunday Nights at 7pm
Part of the Study Curriculum of the Cork Bible Institute
According to 2 Corinthians 11:3-15,  A cult is when any group presents any other “Jesus” or Messiah, or “another gospel”, or “another spirit” than is presented clearly, and simply in the Bible!
The Basics -
What IS a Cult?
Mormons Jehovah's Witnesses Seventh Day Adventists (Sabbath Keepers) Church of Christ (Campbellites)
Roman Catholicism Scientology The Masons Do you have a Bible Question you want to ask?
       Did you know that EVERY book in the New Testament except for Philemon (and many books in the Old Testament), has something to say about false teachers, false prophets, false gospels, and heresies?
      Anything that is not the genuine article, as defined by God’s own words, is simply a counterfeit and should be ignored! (Titus 3:10; Rom 16:17)
      Churches would do well to self-evaluate whether they are staying true to God’s pattern for a Church as defined in the Bible, or straying away, and ultimately just joining with Satan’s crowd (Mt 12:30).
      Because, before we begin to judge other churches and religions, we need to discover just what is a true church! We need to settle what is THE pattern to follow and judge by and make sure we are living accorindg to THAT pattern before we judge others for not living by that pattern.
      This Study Series will help the Bible believer know WHY there are so many different kinds of "churches" and why there are so many cults. AND, this series will help equipt the Believer with the necessary truths to win people caught up in cults to faith in the Biuble, and its Author - the Lord Jesus Christ!

Why Study Cults? MP3
How to Decide True Doctrine MP3
How to Find and BE a True Church MP3
How to Find a True Church, Part 2 MP3
Judging Cults MP3
The Marks of a Cult MP3
The Mormon Cult - 1 MP3
The Mormon Cult - 2
How to Win Mormons to Christ
The Jehovah's Witnesses - 1 MP3
The Jehovah's Witnesses - 2
How to Win a Jehovah's Witness to Christ
Atheism Part 1 MP3
Atheism Part 2 MP3

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