Bible Baptist Church
Evangelism and Gospel Outreach

- Making Missions as it was meant to be! -

Go ye

into all the world

Scriptures Commanding us to GO!

How a Church
Reaches the World!


We support our missionaries by faith,
in obedience to Christ's command that
Christians must go into all the world,
and PREACH the Gospel to every creature!

We are determined to fulfilling our Acts 1:8 mandate...

  • Our own Jerusalem (which is Ballincollig, Cork City, Carrigaline and the surrounding villages)

  • Our Judaea (which is our county Cork area) - we have started a church in Mallow and we support church-planting in the Dublin area

  • Our Samaria (we are currently trying to help start churches in Northern Ireland, Hungary, Scotland, France, Portugal, and the rest of Europe)

  • And also the Uttermost parts of the earth

Meet Our Missionaries
Missionaries Supported by Bible Baptist Church of Ballincollig


Summary of World Religions
All religions are NOT the Same
Roman Catholicism Protestantism Islam Buddhism
Hinduism Judaism Shintoism Biblical Christianity
Atheism Humanism Jehovah's Witnesses Mormonism

Meet Our Missionaries!

We currently Support Nine Missionary Families!

The following missionaries are supported with our prayers and finances
 so that we can participate in winning souls the world over!

The Zoltan Kiss Family
Missionaries to Hungary

Mark and Aura Pereira
National Pastor in Portugal

Pereiras to Portugal

The Williams
Missionaries to

The David Fetter Family
Missionaries to Micronesia

The Derry O'Sullivan Family
Missionaries co-labouring in Ireland

The Layton Kelly Family
Reaching Addicts in Dublin

Edgar Feghaly
Middle East

Stuart and Dawn Harvey
Missionaries to England

Harvey's in Exeter

The Harvey's serving in Exeter, England

Stuart, his wife Dawn and their daughter Elenor work as a team in the Exter church.  Stuart pastors the church while Dawn looks after the Sunday School and plays a major part in the organising and running of the midweek childrens programmes.  Elenor has started her career in college but still plays the piano in church and helps with the childrens work when she is not at college.  The Harvey's have a tremendous opportunity in reaching parents through their  children who attend the church childrens programmes. Pray for encouragement and precious fruit with parents of the children who attend the church!

E-Mail the Harvey's
Or, Write them at the following address:

Stuart and Dawn Harvey, Riverside Baptist Church, Lower Coombe Street, Exeter EX1 1DX.

Zoltan Kiss Family - Hungary

Church-Planting Missionaries to Budapest, Hungary

The Kiss family are planting a Gospel preaching church in district 3 area of Budapest! They are in the start-up process of getting a suitable church building and find accomodation for the family. They have a bible study with a handful of believers. This handful of believers are a core group for the new church group.  Zoltan’s burden is that the Hungarian people of this generation would hear the good new of Jesus the Saviour before it is eternally too late!

E-mail the Zoltan Kiss Family Or write them at the following address:

Biblia Baptista Gyulekezet, 763 Pecs - Rozadomb, Polgarzolo u. 1, CF39 0ES.

Meet the Derry O'Sullivan Family - Ireland

Derry and his family have been preaching and soul-winning in Blanchardstown for over 17 years! They have a great group of believers in the church there, and are working hard to get them to carry on with their own Irish pastor, so that he can move on and do it again in another area here in Ireland! He and his family are so faithful and real! It is an honour to serve with this family here in Ireland. Pray for them!

Write to:

Planting a Church in Blanchardstown, Dublin

P.O. Box 1651, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.

E-Mail the O'Sullivan Family

The David and Sandy Fetter - Micronesia

David and Sandra Fetter have returned to Micronesia (way out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean) where they already established one Bible believing church there, and are now on a new island starting their second church! Pray for them as they win souls there, disciple them, and bond them together in a vibrant, Bible believing church!

Our Missionaries Planting Bible-Believing Churches in Micronesia

Check Out some photos and facts about the Fetters and Micronesia

Dave and Sandy Fetter, PO Box 77, Majuro, MH 96960, 216.452.5398 EST + 16

Email the Fetters

Irelands Flag

The Layton and Clare Kelly Family

Reformer's Unanimous of Ireland in Dublin

Click here for information on Reformer's Unanimous in Rockford, Illinois, USA

Layton Kelly and his dear wife have dedicated their lives to reaching broken lives, crushed by drink and drugs, and all forms of addiction through their ministry called Reformer's Unanimous of Ireland. We gladly support Layton and his efforts.  Layton presented his ministry to our church and now we have a programme called Twelve Weeks To Freedom here in the Cork area!

Here are some photos and facts about the Layton Kelly Family

New Hope Residential Centre,Kiltalown Cottage, Hazelgrove Golf Course, Tallaght, D24.

Bible Baptist Church Ballincollig has a programme for addictions called Twelve Weeks To Freedom in Cork

Mark and Aura Pereira Family, National Pastor in Portugal

      I was born in 1980 in Canada. Guided by my father in the faith, missionary Allen Newton, I came to know the Lord and was saved at the age of thirteen.

     Towards the end of 1999 I yielded to the call of God to preach, and started my Biblical training under Pastor Newton. During those years I worked a full-time job while studying and helping with the Lord’s work. I was ordained into the Gospel ministry in December 2002 and continued my work in the church, this time as assistant pastor. On May 22nd, 2004 Aura Newton and I were married. The week after the wedding, I was voted in as the church’s main Pastor so, coming back from the honeymoon was also to come back to a new stage in our ministry.

     The church, whose name in English means “Living Hope Baptist Church” is in the town of Albufeira in the center of the Algarvian Coast.  In the summer of 2005 we started a Sunday afternoon service in English as a way to reach the many English speaking residents in this part of the country.  2016 we have many churches planted and working on planting other churches around the country.  We are training national men up to be pastors in these churches.

Write to:

Rua Dr. Joao Mourato Grave, Lt. 151 6 esq., 6000-241 Castelo Branco, Portugal.


Honduras Flag

The Williams in Hondurus


Write to:

Colonia 21 de octubre, Sector 4, Block 4, Casa # 4507, Tegucigalpa, M.D.C., Republica de Honduras C.A.


Middle East Flags

The Fegahly's in the Middle East



Email the Feganly's