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Biblical Missions and
Evangelism Conference

What's The Point of World Missions?
Isaiah 45:22

Pastor Jerome Pittman will be our main speaker this year as we seek to have a greater burden for souls, and for evangelising them, world-wide! He is the pastor of the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Swords, Dublin, and has powerfully preached to the teens and kids at our Victory Youth Camp. He will be a real blessing to our hearts and our vision for soul-winning, and supporting our Missionaries!

We also will be having two other special speakers: one of our missionaries, Layton Kelly from Reformer's Unanimous Ireland, and our friend, evangelist John Crabbe all the way from New York!

Schedule of Events

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Saturday 21st

7pm Prayer Meeting in Pastorís Home

Sunday 22nd

10.30am Bro Crabbe speaking first in Ballincollig
11.15am Jerome Pittman preaching main message in Ballincollig
3pm Jerome preaching in Mallow
7pm Jerome preaching in Ballincollig

Monday 23rd

1pm Soul-Winning
7pm Layton Kelly Preaching in Ballincollig

Tuesday 24th

1pm Soul-Winning
7pm Jerome Pittman preaching in Ballincollig

Wednesday 25th

7pm Final Missionís Conference Meeting in Ballincollig


During the conference, there will be six boxes set out for people to bring in some small gifts to send off to each of our Missionary Families!

Our Missionaries and Church Planting Projects
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Mike and his wife Caroline have been working in several Bolivian villages, preaching the Gospel, and feeding so many of the people who come out for a good meal, and a great message from Godís word! His heart aches for the time that so many will repent and be free from the bondage of their religious superstitions, and for  more churches to be started throughout the Bolivian people! Pray for encouragement and precious fruit!

Yann and his family arrived in France 5 years ago, and have been busy in their many ministries there. They pastor two churches like pastor Craig does, and desperately needs help so he can start a third church! Pray that they win many souls in the South of France!

Derry and his family have been preaching and soul-winning in Blanchardstown for over 17 years! They have a great group of believers in the church there, and are working hard to get them to carry on with their own Irish pastor, so that he can move on and do it again in another area here in Ireland! He and his family are so faithful and real! It is an honour to serve with this family here in Ireland. Pray for them!

The Paul Jones family are spending their lives planting Gospel preaching churches all over Wales! They have been  involved in the start-up of two churches, and hope to start a third one very soon! Paulís burden is that the Welsh people of this generation hear the good new of Jesus the Saviour before it is eternally too late! He has a Bible Institute and is preparing men to preach and pastor in Wales!

David and Sandra Fetter have returned to Micronesia (way out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean) where they already established one Bible believing church there, and are now on a new island starting their second church! Pray for them as they win souls there, disciple them, and bond them together in a vibrant, Bible believing church!

Layton Kelly, RUI

Brother Layton Kelly and his dear wife have dedicated their lives to reaching broken lives, crushed by drink and drugs, and all forms of addiction through their ministry called Reformer's Unanimous of Ireland. We gladly support Layton and his efforts, and hope one day soon to have our own Reformer's meetings here in the Cork area!

Bible Baptist Church, Mallow

Our second church, in Mallow, County Cork is a fulfilment of God's will that every city needs Bible Believing, Christ honouring churches. The Mallow people are precious in God's sight, and worthy of every sacrifice that they may know the true God and His Son Jesus Christ! For more information on the Bible Baptist Church in Mallow, click here!