Men's Camp 2017

Thursday – Saturday,

April 20th - April 22nd


Mt. Melleray Scout Centre,

Cappoquinn, Waterford

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Download Preaching from Men's Camp 2016

  1. David's Mighty Men - Craig Ledbetter
  2. Mission Objectives - Dan Eberly
  3. Adino the Relentless - Keith Hamilton
  4. Eleazar the Tenacious - Les Hill
  5. What David Meant to His Men - Layton Kelly
  6. Shammah the Unmoveable - Declan Flanagan
  7. When Ziklag was Lost - David O'Gorman
  8. Reacting to a Whisper - Andrew Day
  9. Popcorn Preaching

            Photos of last year's Men's Camp

Truths we will focus on during Camp...

• The need of a daily walk with God!
• How to stand alone for God!
• Living righteously when no one else cares!
• Why should you obey God?
• Your family needs YOU to believe God!
• You have a mission from God!
• And So Much More!!!

1. Your Bible, and a pen for note-taking
2. Pillow, sheets, blankets or sleeping bag
3. Bath towel, washcloth, soap, shampoo
4. Torch
5. Hill-walking shoes
6. Any sports equipment you can bring
7. Change of clothes

Here’s How to Sign-Up…
The cost is €55 per adult and €40 for under 14. This Men’s Camp is open to all men and their sons from age 6 upwards. You need to tell your pastor that you are planning to come, and prepay €20 to book your place. The balance is due upon arrival! Costs are based on how many nights lodging, food, and rental of facilities. If you can only come for one or two nights, then we will adjust the price.
Noah, a righteous man that God used to preach to his generation and beyond. His obedience still preaches to us today from the pages of the Bible.
In the darkest point of human history, Noah stood with God! The entire world was against God and full of wickedness. Genesis 6:5 says, “And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”
It was this man Noah, who still believed in God, who obeyed what God called him to do, and who made the difference for his loved ones. Men, today is the day, our day, to obey God and to do His will!
All men and their sons are invited to make plans to come and be thoroughly encouraged! This is an opportunity to spend time with other men who love God and want to live for Him in this dark and troublesome time!

         Easily expect to have a great time where you will be worn out, and yet very blessed by the preaching, the hiking, the eating, and the fellowship! The three days away at this kind of a Camp allows God to work on our hard hearts through the preaching and teaching of His word! Don’t miss a single minute of it! Teens, and even younger boys are encouraged to come as long as their father is with them, or as along as their Pastor agrees to take responsibility for them.

Make plans to attend and notify Dan Eberly how many will be with you, and when you plan on arriving. If you have any questions, or need directions, contact us!


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