Men's Retreat Schedule

This is just a bare-bones list of ideas. We will fill it in as we get closer


Thur      Noon        We Arrive to clean and set up

              3pm          Other people start arriving

              6pm          Dinner

              7.30pm     Preaching Session 1 – Adam’s Worship – Craig Ledbetter

              9pm          Desert

              9.30pm     Preaching Session 2 – Adam’s Work – Dan Eberly

              11pm        A Man’s Walk with God – Quiet Time

              Midnight   Sleep

Fri         8am          Quiet Time Devotions

              9am          Breakfast

              10am        Preaching Session 3 – Adam’s Trouble With Sin – Layton Kelly

              11.30am   Lunch

              12.30pm   Preaching Session 4a – Married – Right Priorities for your Wife
Gene McKinley

                              Preaching Session 4b – Unmarried – Becoming Worthy of Eve
Jerome Pittman

              1.30pm     Afternoon Activities: Hike, Walk, Sports,

              5.30pm     BBQ Steak Dinner!

              6.45pm     Preaching Session 5 – Various Men Preaching

              8.15pm     Desert

              9pm          Preaching Session 6 – Adam’s Failures – Les Hill

              11pm        Bonfire

Sat         8am          Quiet Time - Alone

              9am          Breakfast

              10am        Pop Corn Preaching

              11.30am   Preaching Session 7 – The Last Adam – Declan Flanagan

              12.30pm   Lunch – Questions and Answers

              1.30pm     Clean up

              2.30pm     Dismissal for Home

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