Upcoming Men's Retreat 2007 Announcement

Bandon, Co. Cork
Thursday – Saturday
12th – 14th April, 2007

Starting at 6pm Thursday with Dinner

€35 per adult
€25 for those under 14

Keynote Message by Buddy Blunkall
Strengthening the Brethren!

Helpful Information

Theme Song Words...
"When the Lord Calls a Man"

Preliminary AUDIO of Theme Song

Dan Pero's Song, "Peter Walked on the Water"

Directions to the Retreat Centre

Schedule of Events

Handbook (in PDF format to download)

Photos of this Year's Men's Retreat

Open to all men desiring to learn from the lives of key people in the Bible
as they were changed and moulded by God!

This is an invitation for Men, young and old to come to our annual Men's Retreat, held this year in Bandon, Co. Cork. It is a get-away like no other! This year's Meeting will be held from Thursday evening through Saturday morning (12-14 April), and it costs just €35 for everything!

The theme this year is the Study of the Life of Peter - A man that had to overcome pride and always relying on self! We will see how Christ broke and changed Peter, bringing him through trials and tribulation and developing his faith into the amazing man we see on the day of Pentecost. We will learn so much from him, and see how to apply those lessons to our lives, both strengthening ourselves, and those around us!

Make plans to attend this life-changing event that includes great Christian fellowship, great preaching, awesome singing, prayer times, and great food (seriously)! Weather permitting, there will be hiking, sports and hopefully a chance to witness for the Lord! Bring your Bible, a sleeping bag, and come hungry!

There is room for 75, but booking is first-come, first serve, so make your plans and let Pastor Craig Ledbetter know as soon as you can whether you and your church are coming and when you plan on arriving.

Teens, and even younger boys are encouraged to come as long as their father is with them, or as along as their pastor agrees to take responsibility for them.

This is a 48 hour Retreat from Thursday evening until Saturday morning. So, if you can come Thursday evening, and can stay all the way through till Saturday at Lunch, you will surely get a FULL CUP! But if you can only drive down on Friday, you still will still be changed by the preaching! Some of the topics we will be learning about Peter’s conversion include:

Costs will be based on how many nights you can stay, and therefore how much FOOD each person eats. So, plan on €35 per person. That pays for the meals, and the use of the rooms and facilities that we use for the meetings. Kids under 14 will just cost €25 each. If you can only come for one night, then take off €10.

From Cork, the village of Bandon is just 45 minutes south.

Please pray about being able to come, and let me know soon!

If you want to see photos of the many years we have had this preaching retreat, just go to our Men's Retreat Website http://www.biblebc.com/ChurchInfo/MensRetreat/  

If you have any questions, or need directions, just email, telephone, or write me back! But remember, this is on a first come first serve basis so LET ME KNOW SOON!

I can’t wait for the shout!

Pastor Craig Ledbetter
Bible Baptist Church, Ballincollig, Ireland
Tel: (021) 4871234 or, 087-276-6764
Email: craigled@iol.ie


What To Bring

  1. Your Bible, pen or pencil for note-taking
  2. Pillow, sheets, and blankets, or sleeping bag
  3. Bath towel, washcloth, soap, shampoo
  4. Torch
  5. Hill-Walking shoes
  6. Any sports equipment that you can bring (including a baseball glove if you have it)
  7. Change of Clothes
  8. €35 each person, €25 for young people under 14

What to Expect

Easily expect to have a great time where you will be worn out, and yet very blessed by the preaching, the hiking, the eating, and the fellowship!

What To Do

Contact Pastor Craig Ledbetter and tell him you are coming, how many will be with you, and when you plan on arriving

Check out the previous year's Men's Retreats

Schedule of Events


Time           Duration  Main Function                                        Support Function


4:00pm                          Arrive at Camp - Unpack and Start Dinner

6:00pm        1 hour        Dinner (Spaghetti, Garlic Bread)

6:45pm        45 min       Break, Sports Time                                 Clean-up

7:30pm        1:30 hour   1st Session – Introducing Peter – Craig Ledbetter

9:00pm        1 hour        Snack (Tea, Coffee, Sandwiches)

10:00pm      1 hour        2nd Session – The Effect of Following Jesus – Dan Pero

11:00pm      1 hour        Fellowship Time

12:00am      7:30hrs      Sleep                                                        

Friday 13 April

7:30am        1 hour        Wake-Up, Read Bible & Take Shower     Prepare Breakfast

8:30am        45min        Breakfast (Eggs, Sausage, and Cereal)

9:15am        15min        Break                                                         Clean-up

9:30am        1 hour        3rd Session – The Problems with the Cross – Buddy Blunkall

10.30am      1 hour        Break

11:30am      45 min       4th Session – Battling Satan in Our Thoughts – Rich Fulton

12:15pm      30 min       Prepare Bag Lunches

12:45pm      4:00hrs      Hiking and Hill Walking (bag lunch)    Prepare Dinner

4:45pm        30min        Break

6.00pm        1 hour        Dinner (Roast Chicken)

7:00pm        1 hour        5th Session – Don’t Waste Your Trials – Craig Ledbetter

8:30pm        45min        Dessert, Tea and Coffee

9:15pm        1 hour        Sports Time (Outdoor)

10:15pm      45min        Pop-Corn Preaching (8 – 10 men preaching for 5 mins each)

10:45pm      1:30hrs      Bonfire and Evening Quiet Time

12:15am      7:15hrs      Sleep                                                        

Saturday 14 April

7:30am        45min        Wake-up, Read Bible & Take Showers    Prepare Breakfast

8:15am        45min        Breakfast (Eggs, Porridge and Cereal)

9:00am        1:30 hrs     Final Session – Strengthening the Brethren – Buddy Blunkall

10:30am      15 min       Break

10:45am      30min        Testimony Time

11:15am      1 hour        Pack-up and clean-up                               Prepare Lunch

12:15pm      30min        Lunch (Sandwiches)

12:45pm                        Final Clean-up, Leave for Home